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    Battleship Knives

    here are some of the GEC 35 Battleship knives they did for me this year. these are forged of steel from the ships and some have decking for handles. Some of the ships did not have wooden decks, so we used wood from other ships. Let me know what you think. These are $300.00 I pay shipping in US...
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    410 ss straightening

    I bought part of a sheet of 410 ss 3/16 thick. I am going to use it to mill folder frames from. I had some strips water jet cut for me and they warped. Not a lot but enough. How would be the best way to straighten them or flatten them out. I tried surface grinding but the magnet sucks them back...
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    I bought some shields and cutting pattern from a guy in Fla. a few years ago. I need some more but can't find my info to contact him. I was hoping someone on here can help me out with this. Thanks in advance.
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    Little Giant value

    Can anyone give me a ball park value on a Little Giant 50# that has been completely reworked by Uncle Al's Machine shop in Arkansas. It is in like new condition with new dies, motor, and all else. Thanks in advance for the info
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    Little Giant value

    Can anyone give me a ball park value on a Little Giant 50# that has been completely reworked by Uncle Al's Machine shop in Arkansas. It is in like new condition with new dies, motor, and all else. Thanks in advance for the info
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    Thermocycle for CPM-154 and other stainless type steels

    Would doing a cycle like this help CPM steels. I know with forging it is a good idea but was wondering about this part. Any help or info would be appreciated.
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    etched steel colors

    Is there a chart that shows the colors of the steel in Damascus after it is etched. I thought I seen one once on here but don't remember where and can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Diving Knife

    What would be the best steel to make a diving knife from. One that will be used in the ocean a lot. My nephews son is a diver and works in the salt water every day. Can someone with a little knowledge on this help me out.
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    farrier file

    my son has a customer that wants a few knives made from farrier files. He annealed them but we can't seem to get them hard enough for a good usable knife. Around 54 is the hardest we can get. Can anyone give me info on heat treatment with a furnace temps and all to get this done. You guys have...
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    steel question

    Will 1080 make a good using knife. And what Rockwell can you get from it.
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    accepting credit cards

    I have been taking credit cards using the square reader for over three years now or about that long. In the last three months I have taken roughly $35,000.00 in credit card sales all going thru the square. Yesterday I got an email right after they put $1700.00 in my account. the email said that...
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    improper stabalized wood

    Folks if you are going to stabilize wood and sell it learn how to do it right. I have been using stabilized wood for over 20 years now and some of the stuff on the market is pure crapolla. If you are selling stabilized wood and it floats like a cork then it is not completely done, your business...
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    America's Fighting Ships Knives by Percy Richardson

    Our mission statement Our mission is to help further the historical education of our military accomplishments and might thru both World Wars and into today's Navy. Our goal is to use the cutlery collector platform to help raise funds for naval Museums and their ( LOCAL) Wounded Warrior...
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    question about trip hammer

    I posted a 50lb trip hammer for sale for my brother on this site and two others. No one seems interested even at what I think is a great price. At one time these little giant hammers were hard to get. I know I sold my 100 lber the first day I let someone know it was for sale and that was 15...
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    Difference in Rockwell on 440c and Cpm154

    For some of you guys or gals that know more about this stuff. I have been making knives for 25 years and this has always been in the back of my mind but never reached out and pursued it. If you heat treat 440c and have a 59 Rockwell and you heat treat CPM 154 and get a 59 rockwell why would...
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    setting up trip hammer

    With a 50# little giant hammer what is the best way to set it up. On concrete floor and if so how thick would the concrete need to be. I have a lean to that I am adding on to also and would like to leave part of the floor dirt. would that be good to do a hammer on? Maybe dig out an area and...
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    A2 steel

    I have been making knives for over 20 years now (Stock Removal) and have recently thought about forging I used to have a 110lb little giant but never used it and sold it years ago. My brother gave me a 50lb little giant for my birthday (I just cant sell it) and a forge. I already had a propane...
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    Randal Smithsonian Bowie

    I have a customer with a Randal Smithsonian Bowie made between 1962 and 1964 he would like to sell. It has the original brown button sheath also. He soesn't know what would be a fair price for it and would like to find out the ball park amount. It has the black micarta handle. Very good...
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    Large saddlehorn slippy

    This is the larger of the saddlehorns that I make. 7 5/8 total length with a 4 inch handle, 3 1/4 inch blade. This one has amboyna burl on it. It has a ground finish on the hollw grind and a satin finish on the bolsters. The flats have a high gloss finish. No nail nick as requested by...
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    Knife on the show Mentalist

    On the show Mentalist today I noticed a knife that looked like it was made by the Richardson in Missouri. The ones with the jeweling and the crown deer antler on them. It was a Bowie on a stand on a desk of someone they were investigating about a murder. "Knife not involved". My wife watches the...