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    power source for a carbidizer

    Has anyone ever used a power source like what you'd use for anodizing TI as a power source for carbidizing? I thought I'd check before I blew mine up.
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    How do you grind a round knife {for leatherwork)

    There is a lot of ways to skin this cat, I have looked at it and studied on it but am looking for guidance. I'm wanting to flat grind it with a taper to near zero. The working it around on the curve has me buffaloed since it will be such a slight angle. What I have profiled is 1/16" 01
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    Folder pivots

    Where do you boys get your folder pivots, I have used Tracy's and was satisfied but I was wondering what was popular.I am just starting to build my sources. Thanks
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    French blade or german profile?

    What makes a french profile and what makes a German profile? I have 2 pics from a customer and only see subtle differences.
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    Carbon steel for chefs knife?

    What would be the carbon steel of choice for a chefs knife? I was thinking 01 but what say ya'll?
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    Anybody ever made a knife steel?

    I had a customer ask this question and I had never thought about it. Would you just do a rough grind on a rod and heat treat?
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    Etching on blued steel

    Does anyone have experience with etching blued steel? Specifically a shotgun action. I see there is a blued steel specific electrolyte but I am hoping the stuff that came with the personalizer will work. Thanks
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    Getting it flat

    Which would be the better choice for getting scales dead flat, a flat platen or a disc? My platen is not very successful
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    Fillet knife questions

    I have a few knives under my belt now, having done enough to have some questions. I have been working 1095 and 01 and doing my own heat treat in a gas forge. I want to start making some fillet knives 6"-9" blades. Since it will be saltwater and at the end of a long day I'm thinking stainless but...
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    01 differences?

    what would be the difference in Jantz 01 with a composition of C .95 Mn1.20 Si.30 Cr.50 Va.20 Mo.50 and Flatground 01 C1.00 Mn1.20 Si.35 Cr.35 W.50 (?) I am wondering what it all means as I am still learning the chemistry of it all. Thanks, Phil
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    1095 HT what happened question

    I have been quenching 1095 in olive oil with OK results, then I read 1095 benefits from a brine quench. So I took it to non magnetic and into the brine in less than 2 seconds. Held it in the quench for a 7 count. All 3 blades warped but not very bad. While they were above handwarm I sanded the...
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    How to tune a burner?

    I just fired up a burner I built like a Zoeller sidearm burner and it won't stay lit, sometimes it will flashback to the orifice. Using a .035 mig tip at about 5 oz. to 10 oz. I tried positioning the tip in various areas and had the same result. I didn't have a flare on the tube , if that...