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    a diffrent hunter

    here is a pic of the latest knife to be finished.. it´s made from 1/8" 12C27 OAL 8.66" the exakt length of the blade i cant say untill monday... (forgot it att work..) the scales are made out of bakelite (mikarta) /Roger
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    a freind just started to hunt

    this isn´t a fancy custom :) a friend of mine just started to hunt, she wanted a knife like noone else had and easy ti find if she dropped it.. att the same time a usable design... so i came upp with this.... :) overall length 8" the blade is made out of 12C27 scales are pink...
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    stainless damascus and buckeye burl

    here is one i thought i had posted 6.93" oal with a blade 3.23" long scales are stabilized buckeye burl.. /Roger
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    fighter in 12C27 and desert ironwood

    hi everyone here´s a pic of the latest knife finished it is 9.85" oal with a blade 5.2" it´s just under 1/8" thick /Roger
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    12C27, box elder and masurbirch

    here are a couple i finished today, 1st a small recurve oal, 6½" with stabilized and coloured box elder next is a hunter oal 6.22" with stabilized masurbirch /Roger
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    glued some scales

    started work on these aswell as the wedding knife /Roger
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    wedding knife

    Hi all, just wanted to post a pic of a knife i got commissioned to make the blade is 1/8" thick and just under 12" oal the steel is RWL 34 the scales will be made of masurbirch and redwood burl. pictures will come of the handle once the blade has been heattreated
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    ash and CpmD2

    here is a pic of a simple edc i made for myself. the blade is made from Cpm D2 and the scales are ash (from my new staircase) /Roger
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    pakkawood & 12C27

    here are a couple of pics of a knife i´ve made for a freind, he´ll be giving it to his father on his birthday. hope he likes it /Roger
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    Damascus and RWL 34

    Hi everyone, it´s been a while since i posted here. life sometimes sees to it that you don´t get the spare time you want :-( thought i´d show a couple of the knives i´ve made lately /Roger
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    some nice wood and som swedish steel

    here are a few pics of a couple of small knives nearly done. the scales are lace sheoak, the little recurve has liners i tan G-10 and the other one has green vulcanic fiber. the recurven is a totalt 138mm with a blade thats 67mm steel is 12C27 the ordinary 3 finger knife is 157mm with...
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    any makers making rapiers?

    Hi all, was wondering if there is any makers of rapiers out there? /Roger
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    going to a show

    hi all, just thought i´d show 4 of the 5 knives that are going to a show in germany next week. first upp is a 3 finger recure knife 6½" long and 0,2" thick with linnen mikarta scales and G-10 pins next is one thats nearly finished, just a bit of hand sanding the blade to go...
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    olivewood & 12C27

    here is a pic of a knife thats getting close to finished. the scales are made of olivewood, i used 4 brass and stainless mosaic pins. the blade is made from 5mm thick 12C27 it is 206mm oal with a blade 88mm sorry for the crappy pic better ones will be taken when the sheath has...
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    christmas is comming upp way to fast

    after seeing over my orders from freinds, family and others i noticed that i might have to put sleeping on hold this week these have to be done by tuesday so i can get the sheaths done... /Roger
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    12C27 & mikarta hunter

    here is a pic of a knife i´m doing for a guy in texas, it´s a bit special.. hopefully i´ll remember to take more pics as the journey continues. it´s 8.6" oal with a blade just over 4" (measured from the plunge to the tip diagonally) it is just over 3/16" thick /Roger
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    Damasteel Recurve and Briar

    Hi everyone, here is a pic of a knife i finished of yesterday, the blade is odins eye Damasteel and the scales are some form of briar (according to the new owner of the knife who sent the scales) it is 9,4" long x 1,6" wide x 0,2" thick. the blade is 4,75" long. /Roger
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    special twist Damasteel and snakewood

    here are a few pics of my latest knife, it´s made from Damasteel with snakewood scales and a 0.02" thick black liner. it is 9.85" long, 1.6" wide and has a blade thats 5.12" long measured diagonally from the plunge to the tip. there are a couple of small things to do to it before it...
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    Damasteel 3 finger knives

    thought i´d post a couple of pics. these are 2 of the Damasteel damaskus 3 finger knives i´ve made. /Roger
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    A2 recurve with mikarta scales

    Here is a Recurve in A2 Tool steel it is 270 x 40 x 6,5mm with a blade 142mm long the scales are bead blasted black paper mikarta and the blade has been coated with grey Duracoat. price US $ 335 inkl insured postage and pp fees. /Roger