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    1st knife on a grinder

    (cross post with bf) So, what would you call this knife? bird and Trout? It started out as a hunter, but I kept making mistakes on it. I think it lost 3/4" or better on the blade width, and at least 1/4" or better on the handle. I'm probably going to just use it as a deboning knife in the...
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    2x42 craftsman glass platen?

    I recently picked up a craftsman 2x42 grinder off of craigslist. I want to get a glass platen (sp?) for it from usaknifemaker. Does anyone know the size I need? It looks like there is a 2x6 2x8 2x9 Any ideas...
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    Sanding Belts -- villiage idiot questions.

    hi all, I recently picked up a 2x42 craftsman grinder from craigslist. I know nothing about sanding belts, and am trying to get a handle on what I need to order. It looks like and are the preferred suppliers of 2x42 belts. From all the posts I've read, it...
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    Heat Treating in Evansville, IN or Louisville, KY

    Hi all, I'm currently living between Evansville, IN and Louisville, KY (1hr each way for me). I'm getting ready to heat treat my first blade O1 (link here: ) Does anyone know of any one in the area that would do this...
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    WIP -- 1st knife from scratch

    well, after I did my first kit knife, I thought I would bite the bullet and try to build a knife completely from scratch. I realized a lot of you guys have been doing it for years. I thought I would post this for the newbies like me, the experts out there can point out better ways of doing...
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    My first knife (ok, I cheated, it was a kit knife).

    Hi all, Just finished my first knife. It was a silvermoose kit from Jantz. I opted to replace standard 1/8" pins with mosaic pins. I used Indigo Dymonwood for the handles. I wanted something simple, (but hopefully elegant) for my first knife. I just wanted to get the basics down. You would...
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    Recommended files?

    Hi All, I want to make a knife 100% by hand (no powertools). What file(s) do you recommend I use? I'm going to be using O1 3/16" steel, and make a hunter (about 9"). I'm assuming a good Bast4rd file. Do I need to follow up with a smooth cut file or 2nd cut file? Or can I go straight to sand...
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    Bolster thickness

    hi all, This will be my first time making bolsters from scratch. I'm going to be putting them on an O1 hunting knife 3/16" thick x8 1/2 long". What thickness should I use for the bolsters? Any recommended metal type? Thanks!
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    Buffing wheels?

    Hi all, I've never used buffing wheels before, and know nothing about them. I was going to order some for my Delta bench grinder (all I have right now). I currently have some knives that have some scratches in them, and I would like to take them out. One has a mirror finish on them. I...
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    Recommended Drill Bits?

    are there any brand names of drill bits that people recommend? Or, will any American made bit(s) do? Any tips or feedback? Any bits I should stay away from? I've usually used elchepo (walmart, etc) bits. Thanks!
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    1/8" pins won't fit 1/8" hole

    I'm working on my first knife, a kit from Jantz. The knife blank is pre-drilled with 1/8" holes. Rather than using the pins that came with the kit, I want to use 1/8" mosaic pins (that I also purchased from jantz). The probem is they won't fit. I don't have a micrometer to check the pin...