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  1. jdracing

    Do I need this?....Do Knifemakers,or customizers use this?...

    OK, First off,thanks for the opportunity to be here amidst all this Knife stuff.... I've loved Knives since I was a kid....Still a kid at 52,I still love em.... I can't afford to collect the high end knives,but love to TRADE,etc. OK,sorry for rant... I have been taking some knives with broken...
  2. jdracing

    Rob Dalton Arc Angel in like NEW condition,11" Stiletto Auto

    This has never been carried.Fires like a ROCKET.... Has a couple micro rubs at edge of handle as seen in picture. It is a lil dusty from sitting top my display for the last week. I would like $225.00 ARC ANGEL shipped. The 11 inch stiletto automatic has Horn scales,and INOX on...
  3. jdracing

    BROWNING Black Label Shadowfax,,,,Benchmade BM-175 Dagger...USA MADE...

    These have never been carried. I will accept Paypal,or U.S.Postal Money Orders. My Paypal ID,or additional info below. Prices include shipping. Thank you all. Browning USA $125.00 shipped???? Benchmade 175 Push Dagger $60.00 shipped??
  4. jdracing

    can someone id these for me?

    i have no idea what these are called as far as model numbers,etc? can someone help me out here? i thought my son wanted to start collecting these,but seems i was wrong. oh well,i'll just name em and put em away for later. thanks to all who help, jd
  5. jdracing

    2 Bladed Balisong?? New in Sheath

    PRICE DROP...2 Bladed Balisong?? New in Sheath Had couple these and son don't care bout the 2 blades. It is very nice,unusual from the 70-early 80s JAPAN. Comes in original sheath stamped Japan as well. The stamping ink on blades isn't the most permanent. Had one that it rubbed off while...
  6. jdracing

    Balisongs need homes

    Balisong needs home SOLD>>>Compass industries 80s,never sharpened in box....??OFFERS>>>SOLD Compass Industries 80s Thrower Heavy in sheath,no box $50.00??OFFERS SMKW Gypsy box $65.00 Paypal,or postal m.o. these are listed other forums as well,so check...
  7. jdracing

    need new homes..,.,

    LISTED ON OTHER FORUM AS WELL. This is more of my stuff I just can't keep anymore. I been at this for at least 30 years,or more. I am now at the stage that I need the cash more than the collection... Everything is priced to sell. No reasonable offers will be refused though. I will accept...
  8. jdracing

    From personal collection....

    From personal collection...PRICES LOWERED. PRICES LOWERED.. These are also listed on another forum. Just send me a request,and i'll let you know if still avail. I'll try to update soon as possible. Thank you, jd Reasonable OFFERS also considered. OK, these are all new unless...
  9. jdracing

    MTech EXTREME Balisongs

  10. jdracing

    BM-42,and BM-47 Reproduction Balisongs

    Gone gone Like I said,if you need any references. Or,if you need more info just reply to my address below,which is also my PAYPAL. thank you, JD
  11. jdracing

    Large collection of slipjoints for sale

    OK,these are all new that I only had on display. Most were handpicked by me at point of purchase. All retail for 18.00 to 22.00 ea. i have been collecting for several years but have decided to thin my collection out to just a few EDCs. I accept U.S.Postal M.O.,or PayPal thru user ID...
  12. jdracing

    Few Folders,never carried,Vintage ALOX Farmer HTF

    I believe this to be the first production Farmer. Knife has never been sharpened,or carried. Very nice,clean Farmer. $60.00 shipped Paypal ID- Thank you, JD Vintage Alox Farmer never carried...$OLD Never carried pair Trapper,and Muskrat Made in Japan $OLD New in Box...
  13. jdracing

    T.A.Davison #451 as New in Pouch

    GONE T.A.Davison #451 as New in Pouch GONE This knife is a Bulldog. it growls at sledgehammers. It eats titanium for snacks. Here is link to pictures,and original specs. I have the knife now,so if interested contact me at link to pictures only...
  14. jdracing

    SCHRADE 227UH New in box Made in U.S.A. late 70s,early 80s

    New in box. Never carried,or sharpened. Comes with all paperwork as well as outer white box. I accept paypal. my user is it is also my email if you need anymore info? Thanks, JD NEW IN BOX $100.00 shipped to U.S. only.
  15. jdracing

    Wishing all a Merry CHRISTmas....Happy New Year too

    I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas,and a Happier New Year. JD if this needs to be moved is ok...jd
  16. jdracing

    WIP 1st. Fixed Blade(thanks Franklin)

    Well,I been wanting to make a knife for some time. Another member of the board(Franklin)was gracious enough to send me a blade blank ready for me to start.... A set of scales ready to be cut,and fit. it already had the plunge,etc. It was ready to go... But am I? We shall see. Here is...
  17. jdracing

    wttf belt/disc sander??anyone?i have knives??

    i am wanting to start making my own knives. i have production knives to trade for a sander. i also have a case copperlock automatic conversion. i found a new belt/disc at harbor freight for 79.99. a really nice one for 179.99 i think it was. if someone wants to trade me there old one not...
  18. jdracing

    From my Family to Yours

    Wishing everyone here a Very Merry Christmas!
  19. jdracing

    part of my i hope

    gonna try post a few pictures. just a few of my collection been growing for years. not many added since economy got bad,no job. hope you enjoy. try post more later, jd i am gonna try and tell what mose are. first picture to left. top to bottom first row...
  20. jdracing

    newbie says hello all

    what a great site. what beautiful knives you guys have. thanks for letting me join. jd p.s.i want a godfather style auto so bad i can taste it. are there any look-a-likes out there? i can't afford the real unless it's a trade deal.:2::sad::sad::2::31: