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    Another which steel question

    To cut to the chase, I'm interested in steel that doesn't need to be (already is) heat treated/tempered. For making bowie type hunting knives. I've been "refurbishing" knives for several years. Buying old, mostly military blades in poor condition. Re-handling and in many cases re-grinding the...
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    I've been "mostly" making my own sheaths for about a year now. But have to this point had the sewing done at a local saddle shop as I focused on acquiring tools for and perfecting my designs, construction methods and decorations. But even though it only takes them a minute or two to sew up a...
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    Burned on a blade

    I'm not really a knife maker as much as a knife projecter. I buy old used knives or blade of good quality but poor condition, and use the the old blades to make a "new" knife. Sometimes just "rehandle" them. Or sometimes regrind/reshape the blade depending on condition. So I buy a large Marbles...
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    Leatherwork mallet

    I'm getting into some leather decorating on my sheaths and wondering about the use of mallets. I used a small hammer on my 1st project to good results. Why should you use a mallet? And what is a good inexpensive one to start with? Will rubber mallets work? I already have one of them.
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    Anyone ever use concho's on a sheath?

    I'm making a sheath for a stag handle bowie I'm completing. And I'm considering putting a concho on the pouch. Obviously it has to be put in place before final sew up. But I'm wondering if metal rivet or screw inside the pouch may snag or otherwise effect the blade. I would think a riveted type...
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    Epoxy question

    I'm making a hidden tang antler handle knife in which the tang will be epoxied inside the antler handle. My tang goes 3/4 into the handle 3/4 the length of the handle. I saw a pictorial online where the knife maker (making a hidden epoxied tang knife) recommended using slow setting "3 hr epoxy"...
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    Source foe cow bone for hidden tang knife handle.

    What I do is basically re-handle projects on old poor condition military knives. Basically I try to buy ones in such poor condition that they: A. Can be obtained cheap. And B. Have lost historical collector value. But I believe that they are generally made of great steel and are a worthy basis...
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    Hand finishing Antler handle

    I'm working on my 1st hidden tang antler handle using an Elk tip. Getting to the point where I want to begin finishing the handle. All Youtube video's I've found on antler polishing, are done using a buffing wheel. Which I don't have. But I do have lots of elbow grease. Can anyone tell me how to...
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    1st foray into Stag handles

    1st foray into Stag handled knives. Components pictured. Blade is a heavily worn, now polished WW-2 Camillus USMC knife blade. Guard is the original off a previous project PAL-36 knife that I used a different guard on. Handle material is an Elk tip. More pics to come as progress made.
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    Flea Market knife ID/value question.

    A local flea market has a knife I'm interested in. It is a Stag hunting knife with an approx 6" blade. Appears to be fairly old. Come with very dry rotted sheath that apparently was for a 2 knife set up. Only markings on blade were MER Solingen. Asking $60. Looks very much like this knife...
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    WW-2 PAL-36 knife project.

    Just thought I'd share one of my recent projects. A PAL-36 that I bought cheap in very poor condition. And made into a very sturdy hunting knife. I changed the blade profile a bit by reshaping it to more of a bowie tip with false top edge. And added a much more sturdy thicker guard. Also...
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    Band saw question

    A local pawn shop has a Black & Decker 9" tabletop bandsaw at a very attractive price that I intend to buy. It is the largest size I have room for and will be handy for many projects knife related or not. But I definitely will want to cut steel with it. Question: Can you cut blade quality...
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    Source for Leather washers for USMC KA BAR knives

    I've been buying re-handle kits from KA BAR @ $15.00 each. But I often don't use or need the pommels and guards that kit includes. Just want to buy washers. And can't find any the right size. Anyone know of a source?
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    Handle spacer material

    As I posted on the introduction forum, what I do is reburbish, and occasionally customize WW-2 Camillus & KA BAR USMC knives that I buy in poor condition. Which of course have stacked leather handles. On some of the customized ones, I like to add spacers in the handles to jazz up the looks a...
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    Hello from Okla.

    I don't consider myself a "knife maker". I'm more of refurbisher. Coming from modest means I developed a means of getting thing I wanted, but couldn't afford. By buying broken/poor condition examples cheap, and then repairing them. And I've become kind of a "fix it" type guy to many people...