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    Coated Stainless: Another Silly Question.

    I never saw a knife coating that didn't wear off, usually in very attractive way.
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    Bühlmann's 2022 KITH for KenH

    Beautiful work, sir. :)
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    Making a Japanese Samurai Sword

    Very cool. A simple process, yet fascinating to watch. (Or maybe it just seems simple in the hands of a master.)
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    Clean shop for New Years

    @opaul Jeez, that puts a lot of pressure on the rest of us. Excuse me while I find out where my wife put that damn whisky.
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    happy new year

    Peace and Good Will in the New Year from rainy (for today) Southern California. :)
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    Knife sharpener for non-knifemaker?

    Fourth Choice:
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    Found this hand etched/stamped ka-bar ?

    I was thinking it looked an awful lot like the Buck 110. Enough to make someone in the Litigation Department take notice.
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    Found this hand etched/stamped ka-bar ?

    Got any shots with the blade open?
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    Happy thanksgiving…

    I assume the tree stand is in Central Park. Otherwise, you'll miss the parade.
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    DeMo 2022 Kith

    Not really. Her husband was critically injured in what looks like an assassination attempt on her life. She's the Speaker of the House of the U.S. Congress. People who think this sort of thing is funny are enabling a culture of violence and lawlessness. As Americans, we should do better.
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    Knife Scale Recommendations - Xmas Gift

    You've taken the first step by admitting that you have a problem. Unfortunately, it will do you no good. This stuff is just too pretty.
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    Karelian Birch burl Cityknife

    Is there a functional benefit for the choice of carbon fiber? Or did you use it just 'cause it's cool? (It is really cool. I've never seen it used for a spring like this.)
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    Karelian Birch burl Cityknife

    Very beautiful. Ambitious choice of materials. The blade looks too small for the handle. This may be the pictures talking. Or maybe I don't subscribe to the big handle/small blade theory of knife making. I like the "shredded cf/gold leaf shield." Mostly because it's shredded. Can we see the...
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    Metal Art Show lineup

    Snazzy. :)
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    First ladder pattern

    Wow. Very beautiful. :)
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    I'm not coming here anymore. This Leclair guy is too good.
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    Magnacut and koa Zulu

    1) Outstanding knife design and wood choice. Very impressive. 2) What are the dimensions? It looks like a "big handle, small blade" concept. 3) I appreciate that you noted the steel choice for the spring. I always wonder about that sort of thing. 4) How are you finding MagnaCut? Do you like...
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    Zulu spear Slipjoint

    Beautiful knife, sir. That blade has so much personality, and the curly maple is equally engaging, but, like the blade, not too forceful. Well done. :)
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    Auction Knife

    Beautiful work, sir. :)
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    Finally bought a Native 5... and I threw in a Yojimbo for good measure.

    Very interesting, Señor Spyderman. I don't have either one of those knives, but I've been thinking that I might need a Yojumbo/Yojimbo just because they look mean and nasty. Kind of like my first wife. Follow up with pics, please. :)