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  1. petie

    Anyone else having problems with Norton Blaze...

    Been using norton blaze for 3 years. Love em. I do get a black build up when I do my heavy grinding. I just clean it off before I finish grind.
  2. petie

    just finished

    Thanks John. I am to please. I'm glad I hit my target.
  3. petie

    just finished

    Thanks guys. That was my third try at file work, definetely room for improvement. The handle on the Damascus is mesquite. Iput two coats of boiled linseed oil on the handle then ferric chloride. I let it sit about ten minutes,cleaned it then hit the high spots with light sandpaper to give it an...
  4. petie

    Greetings from Kentucky.

    Welcome fellow Kentuckian.
  5. petie

    Help me spend my knife money!

    GRINDER!! That's my 2 cents.
  6. petie

    What really motivates us?

    I've always been a woodworker. My favorite job was when I worked in a machine shop. Knifemaking puts those two together. Plus growing up my dad had a tack and leather shop so that covers the sheath part of knifemaking. These are the things that made me start making knives. What motivates me is...
  7. petie

    Ferric Cloride to darken A2 ?

    That's sweet. Will it work the same on 0-1?
  8. petie

    just finished

    These are fresh off the sharpener. All of them except the Damascus is Sheffield 0-1. The Damascus is from Ironarm knives. My boy brought the laptop home or I wouldn't have got them on here. Gotta get me one.
  9. petie

    Buffer Recommendation

    I've got an old Jet that turns 3600. It does a great job but if it pulls one out of your hands(and it will),it gets really ugly really fast. I'd go for half the speed and horsepower if I had to buy a new one. Mines a 1hp by the way.
  10. petie

    Pewter skull givaway

    I'm in! Knife Dogs Rule!!!!
  11. petie

    Makers - what do you want to achieve in 2011?

    Build fewer knives so I have more time for attention to detail. Learn to forge.
  12. petie

    Quenching in foil

    Can 0-1 be left in stainless foil and be quenched properly? I'm out of heat treat paint and have 6 knives left to heat treat. I've got a whole roll of foil and was wondering if I could leave the knives in the foil and quench them without affecting the hardness.
  13. petie

    Pewter skull Giveaway

    I'm in again. Thanks.
  14. petie

    Pewter skull Giveaway

    Thanks. I'm in.
  15. petie

    2x42 craftsman glass platen?

    Buy two pieces when you find out what size to get. I just put in an order to Tracy afew weeks ago then was grinding a couple days later and cracked mine. It lasted about six months. I would have put a new one on it already if I had ordered 2. Now I don't want to pay the shipping for one piece of...
  16. petie


    I just finished two drop points with spalted oak handles I'm really pleased with them. When I get some pics I'll post em.
  17. petie


    I need a piece of Damascus 3/16" x 1 1/2" x 12". I don't really care about the pattern. I'm looking to get it after the holidays. I just want a nice piece of American made Damascus.
  18. petie

    Heat Treating in Evansville, IN or Louisville, KY

    No I'm in Mclean county down south of Calhoun.
  19. petie

    Chefs knives

    I would say Rob is exactly right. I was taking it of in several passes but I think the width of it was killing me. I think I'm gonna try a couple more out of O-1. Just to see how much difference there is in grinding that knife out of the two differnt metal alloys.
  20. petie

    Chefs knives

    I used A-2. Maybe it was just because I've been grinding everything out of O-1 for two years. I think it might have been a combination of A-2,O-1 and a two inch wide blade. It was the first time I've ever put enough pressure on a blade to stop the belt. It didn't stall the motor but it stopped...