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  1. J

    Titanium Flipper

    Yes it helps fill the hand and while it looks aggressive I have rounded all the edges so it doesn't dig into your hand. Thanks for asking, Joe
  2. J

    Titanium Flipper

    @@SOLD@@ Open 7inches Closed- 3 7/8 inches Blade- 3 1/8 inches Steel- AEB-L stainless Grind- Flat ground with clip HT- In House with dry ice cryo to 59-60rc Finish- Satin hand sanded finish Frame- .155 titanium frame with media blasted finish Back Spacer- Anodized...
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    Fall Classic

    SOLD Closed- 4 inches Open- 7 inches Blade- 3 inches Steel- Stainless Damasteel Damascus Liners- Pebbled anodized Titanium Bolsters- 3m Composite metal Scales- Mammoth Ivory Back Spacer- Kirinite Hardware- Gold plated Caged Bearings Solid no movement early lock up is silky smooth on...
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    Stud Framelock

    @@SOLD@@ Closed- approx. 4 inches Open- approx. 6 7/8 inches Blade- just over 2 7/8 inches Steel- cpm s35vn x .160 Grind- Flat with drawn swedge Finish- stonewashed Frame- Stonewashed titanium Bolster- Titanium Scale- Methyl Blue Carbonfiber Clip- Titanium set up for RH tip up carry Back...
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    Ti Framelock Flipper

    Medium size ti flipper I recently finished. Action is fast on caged bearings, light and rides in my pocket great.
  6. J

    Medium Titanium Flipper

    SOLD Steel- cpm s35vn x .140 Closed- 4 1/4 inches Open- 7 1/2 inches Blade- 3 1/4 inches Grind- Flat Frame- 6AL4V .130 titanium Backspacer- Titanium Clip- Titanium RH low ride tip up carry Weight- 4.1 oz. Flips hard and fast on bearing pivot. Lock up is absolutely rock solid with no movement...
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    Liner Lock Pocket Knife

    No longer available Closed- 3 5/8 inches Open- 6 3/8 inches Blade- AEB-L Stainless with stonewashed matte finish with ghost stripes Grind- Flat Frame- Anodized titanium Bolsters- M3 Composite metal Scales- Stabilized Sycamore (Spalted Snakeskin) Thumb Stud- Custom hand made anodized titanium...
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    Mammoth Bark and Damasteel

    No longer available Closed- 4 1/8 inches Open- 7 1/8 inches Steel- Damasteel Hugin pattern damascus .156 thick Grind- Flat ground to a thin edge with heavy etch Frame- Bronze anodized and file worked titanium Bolsters- 3m Composite Metal damascus pattern Scales- Mammoth Ivory Thumb bob- Custom...
  9. J

    Handmade Liner Lock

    Thanks Wayne, I appreciate the kind words.
  10. J

    Handmade Liner Lock

    SOLD Closed- 4 1/8th inches Open- 7 1/8 inches Blade- 3 inches Steel- Aldo's San Mia Grind- Flat Liners- Titanium Scales- Turtle Shell Kirinite Back Spacer- Black/Gold Kirinite Caged bearings for a fast smooth movement, secure lock up with no movement, nice detent. Asking SOLD shipped in the...
  11. J

    Tanto Battle Blade

    Tanto Battle Blade @@SOLD@@ SOLD Steel- 52100 x .270 AOL- 9 1/2 inches Blade- 4 1/2 inches Grind- Compound flat ground blade with skull crusher and lanyard hole Blade Finish- Cold blue finish and is easily re-touched with Birchwood Casey Super Blue Scales- Contoured Rosewood Cocobolo...
  12. J

    Camp Knife

    One I just finished, built to take abuse on the trail. 14 inches overall with a 8 inch sharpened edge. Aldo's 5160 .275 thick with carved spine and machine finish on flat ground bevels. Black canvas micarta with red spacer, and stainless pins.
  13. J

    Ironwood Liner Lock

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the knid words.
  14. J

    Ironwood Liner Lock

    This one is no longer available, thanks for looking and commenting. Closed-4 1/4 inches Open- 7 3/4 inches Steel- cpm D2 at 60-61rc Blade- 3 1/8 inches Grind- Flat Finish- Tumbled acid washed Frame- 6Al4V Titanium Finish- Carved and anodized blue (primary) with bronze highlights Bolsters-...
  15. J

    Ironwood linerlock

    Thanks guys, I had to look up the specs in my log. Liners are .070 ti and back spacer was .196 ti. Blade steel is .156 cpm154 .
  16. J

    Ironwood linerlock

    Thanks guys, really hadn't thought about a sheath but the idea is appealing to me.
  17. J

    Ironwood linerlock

    Closed- 4 1/8 inches Open- 7 1/4 inches Steel- cpm154 x .156 Blade- 3 1/8 inches Grind- Flat HT.- In house to crucible specs with cryo Finish- Matte hand sanded finish Frame- File worked .70 anodized titanium Scales- Desert Ironwood Back spacer- File worked and anodized titanium
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    Titanium Flipper

    Closed- 5 inches Open- 8 7/8 inches Blade- 3 7/8 inches Steel- cpm154 X 5/32 Grind- Flat Frame. .150 anodized titanium Clip- Machined anodized titanium set up fpr right hand tip up carry Back spacer- stainless standoffs Pivot- 3/16 stainless with caged bearings The lock up...
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    Tactical Framelock

    Prototype tactical frame lock design. Blade is centered and the lock is bank vault tight. No movement in any direction. The action is smooth enabling the user to either flick the blade open with the thumb or open it in the traditional manner. Open- 7 1/8 inches Blade- 2 7/8 inch modified...
  20. J

    folder mechanism

    The problem with oil and a liner or frame lock is that people use to much and it migrates onto the locking surface of the blade and lock bar face. This can and will cause the lock bar to stick on many knives. Personally I just put a dab of oil on my finger tip, spread it out thin then apply it...