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  1. Burl Source

    Five knife order with African wood

    How about Bubinga? Looks good and easy to shape and finish. Not much difference when stabilized other than turning darker and slight weight gain.
  2. Burl Source

    Dionatam Franco JS ~ Mosaic Damascus Hunter (53 megapixel image)

    Great looking knife. Very clean and classy. Great photo as well.
  3. Burl Source

    Boning Knife with Box Elder Burl

    Good looking boning knife!
  4. Burl Source

    Persian Kard...

    Beautiful knife John!
  5. Burl Source

    Greg Cimms ~ Damascus Kiritsuke

    Beautiful Knife Greg! I think this might be a good example of perfect fit and finish.
  6. Burl Source

    Christopher Costa ~ "Trident"

  7. Burl Source

    La Brea Bowie

    Beautiful Bowie Robert. I went to your website today and spent a little time looking around. I sure do like your style. Great looking knives!
  8. Burl Source

    Greg Cimms ~ San Mai Kiritsuke

    I like it as well. Beautiful knife Greg.
  9. Burl Source

    10 1/2" Bowie

    I like it too. Nice knife!
  10. Burl Source

    John White, MS ~ Hunter

    Beautiful clean work. Great looking knife.
  11. Burl Source

    Robert Wright, JS ~ Hunter + Bowie + Double Sheath

    Beautiful pair! Really nice marblecake pattern in the Claro and awesome sheaths. Great photos too Caleb.
  12. Burl Source

    K110 & Snakewood

    Very clean work. Beautiful knife Pascual.
  13. Burl Source

    what kind of wood is this ?

    Looks like the wood absorbed minerals from the water giving the darker coloring. Sycamore takes stabilizing nicely and will be a lot easier to get a good finish. Since it is a soft-ish wood I suggest stabilizing.
  14. Burl Source

    Scott McGhee, JS ~ Damascus Hunter

    Great photo Caleb usual. Cool knife Scott. The bronze and the walnut go together nicely.
  15. Burl Source

    My first integal

    Beautiful Knife Peter!
  16. Burl Source

    Kyle Gahagan, JS ~ Persian Bowie

    I keep coming back to look at this knife. Very sinister, yet beautiful.
  17. Burl Source

    Ring Guard Fighter by Milan Mozolic

    The wood is Amboyna Burl but the coloring is atypical.
  18. Burl Source

    Ring Guard Fighter by Milan Mozolic

    Before ordering this knife I had been watching Milan's work for a couple of years. I was always impressed with his clean, precise work. His prices seemed lower than they should be so I thought there must be a catch. Something I was not seeing. So.....the first knife I asked him to make was an...