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    Red Hawk. Damascus drop point hunter

    :s11798: That is one drop dead beautiful knife. Sure wish I had the $$ to buy it. After being gone from here for so long I sure missed a lot. With the recent astronomical medical bills I can hardly afford to pay attention, so no new knives im my immediate future!
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    In Harm's Way

    My son is going into harms way this comig week. He's off to a country that he can't tell me the name of. I pretty sure I know where he's going. I was very fortunate that Randy Haas was able to complete a special knife for him, that I requested. Received it from Randy and I wrapped the...
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    Another Mammoth Ivory and damascus folder

    Drop dead GREAT!!!
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    Damascus Falcon

    Stunning!! As always terrific craftmanship!
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    Sweet and sticky!

    Randy, you are quite welcome. I am happy that you find to your taste. Yes it is a lot of work, but it's a labor of love!. Tapping trees and hanging buckets, picking up sap every day in 5 gal buckets while walking on snow shoes. Emptying into 10 gal milk cans and hauling it to the evaporator...
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    Fancy feathered W´s

    That is definitely some impressive Damascus work!!!
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    In Harm's Way

    I read the thread on the Military knife build . That sure says a lot about the great people here on KnifeDog forum. What a terrific gesture by all the makers who stepped up and made a knife or knives for that project. :s11798: If all of you great people decide to do something like that...
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    In Harm's Way

    Who has a son, daughter or other close relative In Harm's Way? I think it would be nice for all the Knife dogs to see a list of who has written a blank check to the US Military payable for up to and including their life! My son is once again In Harm's Way. He and his US Army anti terrorism...
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    First Ladder Damascus

    Drop dead gorgeous!!
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    Damasus hatchet and knife combo

    Awesome is not close to an adequate description. Here's a link to my posting about them. Thanks again to Randy and JR.
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    Who would of thunk it?

    Outstanding!! As always, very excellent crastmanship!
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    Two new ones

    Sweet! Don't think you will have any problem selling those!
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    Orange Hunter

    I sure wish somebody would buy this so I don't spend the mortgage payment money to buy it myself!
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    HHH Damascus Hatchet & Knife Set

    Long time ago in a not so far away land; I asked Randy if he could make me a small hatchet to use for splitting the pelvic bone on an elk or deer. I wanted it small enough to carry in a pack or on a belt. It had to be very stout and heavy enough to make a good cut when wielded. Then to...
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    Orange Hunter

    This is a perfect knife for late season hunts up here. Sure wouldn't get lost in the snow. I wish my budget could afford this . Story of my life, day late or a dollar short!
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    Sub Hilt Fighter By HHH Knives

    Terrific knife, Fantastic craftsmanship! Beautiful job Randy!!
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    HHH Knives, Ironwood burl and damascus re curve FOR SALE

    I cannot believe this is still available! What a terrific knife for some lucky buyer. If I wasn't so knife poor I'd sure jump on this one!
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    Damasus hatchet and knife combo

    :s11798: :s11798: :s11798: This set far exceeds my expectations that I invisioned when Randy told me he and JR were going to build them for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to turn out as great as they did. When I got the pictures I was actualy speechless. I just couldn't...
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    Damascus Long Hunter dressed in ironwood

    Each knife you show us is better thn the previous one in some sutle way! Amazing talent, no other way to describe your work!!