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    Small bowie

    Nice, Chuck would dig it
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    All mine are W2 and all hand finished..
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    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    Good looking forge Bruce
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    Aussie Mates

    W-2 Spalted Maple Nuff said
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    Ladder Pattern Hunter

    Im not a fan of knives with no guard but I like this package!
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    propane burner question

    I build mine into the refractory,allows me to cut the body down if needed Sent from my KFOT using Tapatalk HD
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    Spalted Aussie Hunter

    Thanks folks!
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    Spalted Aussie Hunter

    Hey Folks, Been awhile since I been around the forums, thought Id drop in and say hello, as always provide you ll with some knife porn. Just finished it yesterday, it will have a duplicate mate and then they will head of to Africa hunt via Australia. Blade is 5 inch Hand forged and hand...
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    blade thickness before heat treat

    Im not Stainless steel guru but I would assume your heat treater will be using foil so decarb wont be a issue, which is the main issue IMO about pre heat treat thickness. Afterwards its as Rhino describes so the thickness is irrelevant and only what you wish it to be.
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    This is what a "bad" day looks like!

    Start hitting the farm and estate Auctions, Youd be suprised how many of the good older Wilsons ect have been sitting on someones bench for decades and big ones can be had for 25$
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    Fun with "Fossil"

    Ed, how does the added nickle effect the cutting edge?
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    Normalizing and heat treating in sub zero tempratures

    5160 does have some air hardening properties
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    Parks #50 smell question

    Now Kevin , 14 knifmakers just quenched their blades in their wives sewing machine oil based on your post...:3:
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    Gents Bowie

    Very nice
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    Cattle knife

    I Likes!
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    A VERY special frame handle bowie...

    Stunning Sent from my KFOT using Tapatalk HD
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    Wild Country #2 Bowie

    Thank you fellas
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    Wild Country #2 Bowie

    I wouldnt say Im a legend..:p
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    15N20 Quench Speed?

    Treat it like 1070 will do fine