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  1. knifecarver

    Been a Long Time Since I Last Posted...

    Hi Clifton! Good to hear from you too. Thanks for all your support & kind words. Your bear drawing looks Great. The hardest part is the first cut, apprehension about making a mistake, but that's part of how you learn. I just found this great website by Lora Irish...
  2. knifecarver

    Been a Long Time Since I Last Posted...

    And a lot has happened, so please pardon my lengthy post. Last year, Greg & I were in the process of buying a house when Titan (My Avatar) passed away, 6/01/15. 16 days later, Greg had a stroke that he never recovered from. He passed away April 29th, 2016. We closed on the house in August 2015...
  3. knifecarver

    I'd be honored to be your 1st friend.:3:the knifecarver.

    I'd be honored to be your 1st friend.:3:the knifecarver.
  4. knifecarver

    I finally made some sheaths!

    I've been wanting to make a sheath for awhile, so I made two! I read the sticky tutorials on this forum and a few more articles here and there and this is how they came out. These are two knives made by Chuck Stapel. Both were made from farrier files. Both sheaths were made by hand including...
  5. knifecarver

    A Few Sheaths

    Nice work. I like your unique style.
  6. knifecarver

    One Special knife with Special Meaning

    Just read this and all I can say is WOW! Truly inspirational story, beautiful knife & a wonderful young man. This story should be on their whitetail show. Thanks for sharing. I have to go wipe tears from my eyes... Cathy
  7. knifecarver

    What's up with you today?

    Thank you Laurence. I will tell Greg you send best wishes & prayers, James. Thank you. Sending some your way also, as I know you have health issues of your own. Glad to see you are in a better state of mind. Racjarrett88, Welcome to Knifedogs! Thank you for the prayers.
  8. knifecarver

    What's up with you today?

    Not doing so great these days. My husband, Greg, lost 1/2 his foot because of an infection caused by the BIG DOG stepping on it. Complications from diabetes and smoking making it worse. Now it looks like he might lose part of his leg. Very hard to watch this. Feeling very helpless.
  9. knifecarver

    Even Milk Bones Aren't Safe For Our Dogs!

    :mad: Since I found out that dog treats made in China are killing our pets, I've been checking labels. Many say "distributed by" a company in the U.S but in small print somewhere, usually near the bar code, they say "Made in China". Never, did I think to check out so called "trusted brands" like...
  10. knifecarver

    Prayers for Hunter

    Yes, He is and Yes, He does. Everything He does...He has a reason for, even when it seems unfair. Just read this, Randy. Glad to hear Hunter is alright.
  11. knifecarver

    Leatherwork is my old passion, knife making is a new flame.

    Welcome to the Pack! You're off to a great start. Nice Work! There are a lot of Tutorials and Work In Progress threads to Hone your skills.:biggrin: Cathy
  12. knifecarver

    Top 10 reasons men prefer guns over women

    Better not let the women get a hold of those guns after reading this! :58:
  13. knifecarver

    Shoot Your Dog

    My Best Friend, Titan, 180 lbs of solid love. He's taught me a lot. Animals in general are truly under-estimated. They are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for. I'm going to cry my heart out when he goes, but I can't see myself without another one.
  14. knifecarver

    KD Hog hunt?....

    If this is for me, yes. P.M. me. Thank you
  15. knifecarver

    KD Hog hunt?....

    I'm interested in the Tusks, not teeth. Will buy or trade a necklace (you choose design). See Cathy
  16. knifecarver

    My Daughter Making A Knife !

    You go Chrissy! That looks awesome already. Please be sure to post pictures of the finished knife. I'd like to see what you choose for your scales. (Bet I know already) I spent a lot of time hanging out with my Dad in his workshop. He taught me how to use his machines & answered all my stupid...
  17. knifecarver

    New england blizzard pictures

    Here it's Monday. We've been snowed in, literally, since Fri. The main streets are plowed, the highways are plowed, but not the side streets. Since when do they wait for it to stop snowing, before they plow? We have 38 inches of this crap. Some dummies on the next street over dug their cars out...
  18. knifecarver

    New england blizzard pictures

    We got about 38 inches. Our street isn't plowed and the MAIL DIDN'T COME TODAY! What happened to their Motto? How did it go, Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain, BLAH, BLAH BLAH! Ha Ha Ha.
  19. knifecarver

    New england blizzard pictures

    Glad we still got power! & FOOD! Titan weighs 180lbs. He hates this snow, too!
  20. knifecarver


    Nice chip carving & chest, Attila. Cathy