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    Another which steel question

    Thank you for your advice. Will 440C make a good sturdy large Bowie? I'm thinking similar to the large one made by the old Western knife company.
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    Forged in Fire Season 2

    Big fan of the show. As a novice it shows me many of the technics I hope to someday learn . My only criticism is in the things they choose for the home forge segments. A shield? I thought it was knife making show. Spears and axes is IMO OK, but not what I tune in to see. But a SHIELD?
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    Another which steel question

    That could work. Who can you send it to? I'm a delivery truck driver and Bodycote is a business I go to occasionally. They do industrial heat treating, but expressed no interest in doing knife blades.
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    Another which steel question

    To cut to the chase, I'm interested in steel that doesn't need to be (already is) heat treated/tempered. For making bowie type hunting knives. I've been "refurbishing" knives for several years. Buying old, mostly military blades in poor condition. Re-handling and in many cases re-grinding the...
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    A few more Sheaths and stuff Pics.

    NICE WORK! I hope to get 1/2 that good one day!
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    Don't yet have a stitching pony, so had to improvise.
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    Thanks so much to everyone. Your help was much beneficial. I have completed my 1st hand sewn sheath. Not perfect, but IMO not bad for 1st effort. All parts are double stitched. Knife is an old 1920's field find Marbles that I cleaned up and re-handle w/Elk antler. Purposely "antiqued" the...
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    OK, went to Tandy and bought (yikes) nearly $100. worth of tools/thread. Large diamond awe, 4 prong hole chisel, thread, and snap setting tools. Have my 1st sheath nearly ready to sew. Next question. What's the rule of thumb in determining what length of thread to start with. I will be...
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    Thanks for the replies. I like the stitching pony idea and believe I can make one. Could you post a link to source of thread or tell a specific vendor and item number? Thanks.
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    I've been "mostly" making my own sheaths for about a year now. But have to this point had the sewing done at a local saddle shop as I focused on acquiring tools for and perfecting my designs, construction methods and decorations. But even though it only takes them a minute or two to sew up a...
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    Burned on a blade

    I'm not really a knife maker as much as a knife projecter. I buy old used knives or blade of good quality but poor condition, and use the the old blades to make a "new" knife. Sometimes just "rehandle" them. Or sometimes regrind/reshape the blade depending on condition. So I buy a large Marbles...
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    Identification of possible WWI knife/dagger

    I think it's a converted bayonet.
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    Leatherwork mallet

    I bought one of these. Are they OK?
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    Leatherwork mallet

    Thanks for not boring me with details.
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    Leatherwork mallet

    I'm getting into some leather decorating on my sheaths and wondering about the use of mallets. I used a small hammer on my 1st project to good results. Why should you use a mallet? And what is a good inexpensive one to start with? Will rubber mallets work? I already have one of them.
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    Source foe cow bone for hidden tang knife handle.

    OK, I've got a bone Does the idea of prefilling the bone with epoxy and drilling it out for the tang sound workable? The tang will later be epoxied to the epoxy already inside the bone.
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    #5 Finished! Check it out.

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    1st foray into Stag handles

    Completed sheath.
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    Hiya from NE Oklahoma

    My most recent and next projects. 1st is very worn Camillus MK-2 blade made into a stag handle bowie. Next is a very abused Cattaraugus 225Q. Planning on trying my hand at a bone handle on it.