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  1. JAWilliams

    15" bush sword

    That looks sweet!!!!!! Really like the handle with cord wrap.
  2. JAWilliams

    Primal/tactical o-tanto

    I really like that one alot.
  3. JAWilliams

    My Daughter Making A Knife !

    That is very cool. I can see why you are proud of her. Please keep posting.
  4. JAWilliams

    Mini Hydraulic Press

    Please post pics.
  5. JAWilliams

    Mini Frame Back (Straight Razor) and WIP

    I like it. very nice.
  6. JAWilliams

    3 of a kind ISH

    Amazing work Butch.
  7. JAWilliams

    Japanese Style Straight Razor

    Very nice, should last a life time.
  8. JAWilliams

    Hunting Knife in use!!!

    It is great to see a knife you made in action.
  9. JAWilliams

    A Few New Pieces...

    I have a butcher knife from J. and it is the bomb. Use it all the time. The finish is perfect for kitchen work. IMHO
  10. JAWilliams

    "Antiqued" & Stag Set

    Very nice.
  11. JAWilliams


    Wow such a small knife. Need to build a bigger one. Looks good and it is a huge knife.
  12. JAWilliams

    "Nugget Bowie" (photo heavy)

  13. JAWilliams

    Damascus and M390 Straight Razor

    Very nice, what is the width?
  14. JAWilliams

    Grinder in a Box

    Depends on what size belts you are going to use. Remember to always buy more than you think you will need. Personally I would buy 4 to 6 feet so I could make a couple of tool arms. as in one for a small wheel atachment and one for flat grinding or for convex grinds. I am one that wants to grab...
  15. JAWilliams

    It's Official, I'll Have Money No More Forever!

    Will be there, can't wait and congrat sir. She couldn't have better parents.
  16. JAWilliams

    It's Official, I'll Have Money No More Forever!

    Remember Murph it is dad's girls and Mama's boys. So it will drive your wife nuts because of this too. Congrats and I am looking forward to seeing her.
  17. JAWilliams

    Murphy Military Build

    Can't wait to see the start.