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    Nice stuff man thanks for showing
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    KD Awards Winners

    Thanks to all of you that voted this year. Its nice to win nicer to be part of the pack THANKS
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    Nice job knife and sheath
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    Sheath for a St jude auction finished

    OH my now that is nice realy like the carving wish I could that
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    Can anyone on here split leather?

    I have a small hand crank spliter can do about 5.5 in wide send me an email at
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    My new Claude Scott sheath

    David give me a call and stop by.
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    My new Claude Scott sheath

    Thanks Robin. Just got back from a visit to Texas to see Paul Long. Had a great time and what hospitality went over sheath making and efficiency in the shop Thanks Paul.
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    Latest Effort

    Yes nice job on that shell stamp
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    Sheath for a Stag Hunter

    Nice work Travis. I never get tired of see good leather work
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    Latest Effort

    oh wow them are nice. I really like that shell stamp
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    Folder sheath

    man that's nice Robin
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    Hey KT is all of that inlay or is some of it overlay thanks
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    My new Claude Scott sheath

    Thanks guys they are fun to make
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    Snakeskin rig

    Nice job KT goes togather real nice
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    Happy Birthday Paul Long!

    happy Birthday Paul.
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    Gator back gun rig!

    Hey nice rig like the spots
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    How much will it cost me ?

    I have a cobra 18 and a cobra 4. I find they are like my wife if i take care of them they take care of me
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    Belt done for new holster

    Hey nice rig like the colors