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  1. Stew

    How do you determine pivot, stop pin and lock bar location?

    Blimey, first time I’ve been here in ages and I find that an old thread of mine had just been bumped. I still haven’t attempted a frame lock....
  2. Stew

    An appeal / Photobucket just committed suicide!

    That was exactly my point in the first post - look at the links I posted there.
  3. Stew

    An appeal / Photobucket just committed suicide!

    I'm finding postimage quite good Ed. You're right - it is extortion and I'm amazed they are trying it. Their business is about to go down the can whereas if they had put a small charge on they may have got away with it.
  4. Stew

    An appeal / Photobucket just committed suicide!

    So photobucket has taken the decision to change their business model so that there is no free hosting of pictures on to forums and other 3rd party sites. It's odd because some folk don't seem affected where as others are. The charge is $400 per year which is criminal and akin to a ransom note...
  5. Stew

    The Original Kephart Knife Examined

    Thanks to Mesquite over on BCUK posting a heads up to this article: Quite interesting - an original 'kephart' model seen at blade. The blade being thickest in hte centre of the blade...
  6. Stew

    Its the little things in life!

    That looks a fine job!
  7. Stew

    Full Tang Hunter w/ flame box elder burl...

    That is one special piece!
  8. Stew

    Business names and makers marks? Wolf creek forge...
  9. Stew

    Business names and makers marks?

    With such a distinctive surname, it seems to make sense to me to use it. Use a wolf / paw print if you want but don't do something vague with the name as to just name it after an animal.
  10. Stew

    How far do you Corby?

    So, corby bolts. When countersinking them, I generally leave a bit of the post sticking out the far side of the tang like this: so it sits in both scales. However, do you think not having it going through to the opposite scale is acceptable for strength? I know it's not a lot different...
  11. Stew

    Making 'micarta'

    Interesting idea. I wonder if perhaps you need to up the amount of metal in there to make it more interesting.
  12. Stew

    Fighter remodel

    Time well spent. :)
  13. Stew

    Mike Quesenberry, MS ~ Integral Damascus Fighter

    Oh my! That's just amazing!
  14. Stew

    Homage to the Hoodlum Hellhound

    This was a long time in the making, with three more to come (one day!) I think it's a good thing when you are sending knives out but wish you could keep them for yourself. :D
  15. Stew

    Anybody here like the combo of Clip point and sheepsfoot on slipjoint..

    Wasn't those the pattern that had a third spey blade or was that another variant? I like the elegance of the three blade I used to have and it's one I regret selling in some ways, though three blades on one was a but OTT for me. A clip and a sheepsfoot does sound nice.
  16. Stew

    sanding in tight corners/curves

    Small whell attachment is the way to go. I've played with other ideas but that's the best!
  17. Stew

    WIPstagram - American Tanto progress

    Epic WIP. :D
  18. Stew

    A transformation of an F1 and a Trailie!

    Rubber thermorun handles removed and some micarta added. Sounds sooooo simple. :rolleyes: Tangs were reduced on both, holes added for corby bolts, stainless guard put on the F1, micarta rebated for the tang with a 2mm spacer of red G10 between and choils added - all as requested. It won't suit...
  19. Stew

    Tutorial for a bowie

    Real enjoyable wip! :)
  20. Stew

    Big, Bad, Bowie, Build along!

    Good stuff! Nice polish on that blade!!!