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  1. Austin Thrasher

    Heat Treat Question

    The info I’ve got could be wrong, but I was told that Rockwell test results on Damascus were mostly inaccurate and you couldn’t trust them. There may be others here that have different mileage, but that’s what I was told by a well-known maker before he died. As far as tempering goes, I generally...
  2. Austin Thrasher

    Fascinating Damascus Knife

    Honestly, all these replies are more fascinating than the knife :D
  3. Austin Thrasher

    Fascinating Damascus Knife

    It’s got that wonderfully functional, Tracker style grind on the spine as well that greatly adds to its artistic value and usefulness as well. I hope when I grow up I can make knives with as smooth a surface as this one has and without using any oxidizers as well. I hate oxidizers on my...
  4. Austin Thrasher

    Wood for knife handles

    I have used olive cutting boards that I found for a good price at our local TJ Maxx store. They turned out really nice. I can’t speak for bamboo cutting boards.
  5. Austin Thrasher

    Father's Day Sale on Knifemaking Books

    Got them both as well. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Austin Thrasher

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    Sweet. Thanks. I’ve been in the market for something for awhile for sheaths and leather goods. I’ve kinda held back a little cause I’d like to do nylon/waxed canvas/oilcloth goods as well and would like to buy a machine that would do both if there is something like that out there. May just have...
  7. Austin Thrasher

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    So I guess the Outlaw’s main competitor is the Tippman Boss. Anyone had experience with both and have any opinions on a comparison?
  8. Austin Thrasher

    First impressions on the Cowboy Outlaw Sewing Machine

    I’ll definitely do that that. Certainly need a miner to help with all my stitching needs. I haven’t had a miner to sew Chinese apextos since Nam’.
  9. Austin Thrasher

    drill bits for tang holes

    I also ran into some 1095 that wasn’t annealed and had hard spots all throughout it. Cobalt bits helped. I wound up even having a carbide tipped masonry bit reground and it would get through as well. Edited to add: accurate bit diameter is definitely questionable with the reground masonry bit...
  10. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    As others have said already, I was both encouraged and challenged from what I seen there. There were blades that honestly, my own humble, simple, little blades were better than. Scandi grinds with 120ish grit finishes that had 1/8”, uneven, secondary bevels? Seriously? Lol Even greater though...
  11. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    Here’s what they sent me yesterday when I inquired. Tables and booths are a little pricey. At least compared to local shows lol. Lot more people though.
  12. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    Didn’t think of that. Yeah that would be better.
  13. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    Good idea. Did Midwest Knifemakers Supply have a booth there this year? That might be a good place for everyone to meet up at...
  14. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    I had a great time. We made it there for Saturday and Sunday. Got to meet a lot of people who’s work I really admire. Allen Elishewitz Ed Fowler Chris Amos- Blade field editor J. Neilson Kyle Royer and the rest of his family We will definitely be doing our best to make Blade show a yearly...
  15. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    My wife and I are headed there right after work tomorrow. Should be at the hotel sometime around midnight give or take. We’ll gain an hour so hopefully it’ll be sooner than that.
  16. Austin Thrasher

    Bladeshow 2021

    I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. It’ll be my first time at the show and I’m really looking forward to it!
  17. Austin Thrasher

    Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

    Been binge listening to a lot of Brad Paisley’s guitar instrumentals cause I’d love to be able to play at least a little like that one day. Also listen to a lot of podcasts like Ed Mylett, The Art of Manliness, The Way I heard it with Mike Rowe, EntreLeadership, and Knifetalk among others. Music...
  18. Austin Thrasher

    Got My 2020 KITH From tkroenlein

    Very nice knife, sheath, and presentation.
  19. Austin Thrasher

    Makers Mark / Logo - On The Left or Right?

    As Mr. Doyle said. I use the left as I’ve always heard it called the presentation side of the blade.
  20. Austin Thrasher

    Stamp for my sheath maker's wife....

    Very cool! I’d love to see a WIP also!