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  1. LR Adkins

    Camp Choppas

    You have a very nice camp knife to play with. I'm sure your friend will be happy with his.
  2. LR Adkins

    The Dark One

    Nice looking knife and I like the damascus pattern? Good looking sheath too.
  3. LR Adkins

    Need Help on Bowie Knife Blade

    Sometimes we tend to be a little too critical of our own work. From what I can see in the pictures, the one with the dry fit looks pretty good.if you feel more comfortable hand sanding go for it. Personally I have messed up blades trying to put that last touch with the belt sander and ended up...
  4. LR Adkins

    How long you been making knives?

    Built my first in 1964 for a scout project. I carried it in Veitnam, it was supposed to be a western bowie but it was so ugly it scared the vietcong. Lol
  5. LR Adkins

    Hey all

    Welcome to the pound.
  6. LR Adkins

    New member here.

    Welcome to the pound, Arlo
  7. LR Adkins

    A knifemaker from the UK

    Great knives, and welcome
  8. LR Adkins

    Young maker from the UK!

    Welcome from this side of the pond.
  9. LR Adkins

    New Guy

    Welcome, Bill
  10. LR Adkins


    A man of few words. Welcome
  11. LR Adkins

    new here from south central tx.

    Welcome, Daniel. Glad to have ya.
  12. LR Adkins

    New Guy From Georgia.

    Welcome to the pound, Joe.
  13. LR Adkins

    New Bowie out of my shop

    Wayne, pretty impressive knife. I like the file work on the blade, guard and pommel. Looks like you put your time in this bowie
  14. LR Adkins

    Illinois Ivory Ban Bill Defeated

    Thanks for the update, Critter. It scares me how easily they can vote on something they know nothing about.
  15. LR Adkins

    New Maker's Mark

    Justin's post popped up just as I posted. I think his idea tells who you are better than just Jones. Just my two cents worth.
  16. LR Adkins

    New Maker's Mark

    Chris, the first one would probably be the best makers mark. The most important thing, can a prospective buyer read it? We all want that unique mark so we stand out. Personally I like the horses head but it doesn't say who you are so how can a buyer pass your name around? Good luck.
  17. LR Adkins

    Hello from CA

    Welcome to the pack, David
  18. LR Adkins

    Hi from OK!

    Hi Clayton, welcome to the pound
  19. LR Adkins

    My first Kiri

    Nice looking Kiri, Grappo. Welcome