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  1. Kris Martinelli

    The new Skull beads

    Wow didn't think they could get better. My seven year old dauther and her friends love the glow in the dark ones. Ya think you will there will be some from this bunch!! Or maybe I should go to the site, LOL. Its time for me to buy more from you....the Lanyards are awesome and the skulls add to...
  2. Kris Martinelli

    Completed another one

    At first it looks like a folder, was that the intention? Also I like the wide handle and bolsters. Some prefer thin, but this knife screams tough with elegance!! What is the price tag and is there a sheath. Once again great work!
  3. Kris Martinelli

    Dave Cole sheath and Broadwell knive

    Incredible!!! I swear we have some of the best knife makers here!!! Just when you think you seen it all. Beautiful knife and sheath, pure art!!!
  4. Kris Martinelli

    Completed another one

    Nice file work, very clean!!!
  5. Kris Martinelli

    Stapel-Martinelli Knives, Four Knives "The Wild Bunch"

    About Chuck Stapel of Stapel-Martinelli Knives I would love any comments or suggestions as well. Chuck Stapel was the first on record to sell the most expensive knife at twelve thousand dollars many years ago. Chuck Stapel makes knives that are very high end for the stars. He found his nitch...
  6. Kris Martinelli

    Who would of thunk it?

    These look so good, does anyone think this is "The New Material Handle Phase"?? Are collectors preferring the new non naturals over the naturals???? I haven't stepped out into the synthetics yet?
  7. Kris Martinelli

    Stapel-Martinelli Knives, Four Knives "The Wild Bunch"

    You can read more about Chuck Stapel "Knife Maker to the Stars" and I (Kris Martinelli) on Custom Knives and as well as more about the four knife collection. Sold individually-First Come First Served! Today in honor of a mutual friend "Earl Dillon" and now...
  8. Kris Martinelli

    Knife Dogs at Pasadena Knife Show in Cali.

    Thank Jeff...I love all my stuff man...Ben. I had to have run into you. I was the 6.3" Black Shirt with a Parker and Sons knife hanging from my neck and a hat and goofy knives around my waist. Ugly, real ugly. No teeth. did you see me? LOL. I must have gave you the wrong number..I am so sorry I...
  9. Kris Martinelli

    Knife Dogs at Pasadena Knife Show in Cali.

    I apologize I haven't been around much . I have been so sick with reoccurring Bronchitis which complicates other issues I have...So please keep me in prayer. But I went down and met some mutual knifedogs. Pasadena Knife Show Was A Big Blast The Pasadena Knife Show on March 6th...
  10. Kris Martinelli

    A very sad day.

    Thanks for sharing so we could pray. This world is not our home and it is not kind, and it was not Alex's time, yet he is with the Angles and the God of Wonder now. I can't wait to meet him some day soon. Kris
  11. Kris Martinelli

    Seriously Guys

    I take it back after reading Steven and Bill, like I said I am a new knife maker with few sales but restoration is where I started. I just talked with a forty year pro and he stated the same as Steven and Bill. Customer? sharpen..polish no charge except shipping and handling. Unless they beat...
  12. Kris Martinelli

    2nd Annual KnifeDogs MITH Giveaway

    OK Jeff must of known I love doing handles.......I couldn't afford this stuff....I still have a smile!!!! 6al-4v titanium:3: Silver Nickel Bars:1: Brass and Aluminum Rods:57: Custom Lanyard:biggrin: Parachute Chrod:les: Giraffe Bone Blanks :steve: Micara Blanks:5: Desert Iron Wood Blanks:9...
  13. Kris Martinelli

    2nd Annual KnifeDogs MITH Giveaway

    Do I have to post pics of what I got do I. I don't want it to be who got what because I think I got the best!!??? Man, when I opened my little box I found so much stuff...stuffed in it, it blew me away! I was in shock. What I got I could not afford to buy right now or even in the near future. I...
  14. Kris Martinelli

    Seriously Guys

    JatMat, that is a good question. For me as a new knife maker and learning the in's and out’s from a pro! I have been restoring knives for a few years now. So I have to charge. But only minimal if I made the knife for you.....If I made the knife for you I would charge a for my time and materials...
  15. Kris Martinelli

    Guys,please accept my apology

    I am with you Kieth I know you feel better, in time. I have been down with bronchitis. Being down is so humbling and especially when you can't participate in mith but the forum and just Life!!! Thanks for making your needs known. And if you need help let us send a package for ya??? God Bless!!!
  16. Kris Martinelli

    2nd Annual KnifeDogs MITH Giveaway

    Ernie what a great thing.........I was able to clean out half of my garage and send it out in a U-Haul.........Someone is going to be mad I think! What's a little dust? Truck is on the way. Package sent!!!!
  17. Kris Martinelli

    New Gal, New Knife Customizer

    Cathy, Thanks for saying hi and sharing your work. That is incredible what you did with those Ocoee's That's how to start. I also love your bone work that I could invision on some knives. I think filing would come easy to you. I will have more detailed work of my filing on my site but your work...
  18. Kris Martinelli

    2nd Annual KnifeDogs MITH Giveaway

    Thanks for putting this together Ernie!!!!!! A lot of work for you and fun for us!!!!!! You da man!!!!
  19. Kris Martinelli

    Mia's audition to be a girl

    That's great! Could we get her to say, "The place to be is Knife don't get left out" something like that???? Either way great idea and thank her for me!!.........
  20. Kris Martinelli

    Damascus neck knife GIVEAWAY, The Falcon by HHH Knives

    Randy this is your last chance to you take Bribes:shush: or Brides:7:@@ The time is here!!!!??? I know there is a few that would love to give you some Brides! This week you can take mine.