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    Disk grinder

    I've been using the Rod Neilsen magnetic disc grinder for several years and find it's a great machine ! I do have a variable speed control motor on it. From what I have read it seems to be the best of all. I know that's all some folder makers use to do their grinding and some makers have more...
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    Surface Grinder - surface grinding attachment

    Well I certainly will have to see if I can encourage my friends to make me one of these for a price while they make one for themselves. You people have certainly wakened the chickens and are creating a lot of noise - all good. Is it possible you will show and tell more for those of us that are...
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    S7 Steel

    I believe the S7 was often used on blades for cutting cement and such. I can remember one maker who was using it exclusively for knives.. Frank
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    UPDATED ----- Questions on KMG clone??

    Perhaps it's a loose screw on a belt pulley? I hope you have found the answer by now. Frank
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    UPDATED ----- Questions on KMG clone??

    Have you ever used the rod or piece of broom stick for sounding? place one end of the rod on or near a spot to be tested and the other end on your ear. Usually sound magnification will soon tell you where the trouble spot is. Frank
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    Needle files

    Something to remember is they do come in different grits which will work very different on different materials. Softer materials will take the use of courser files. Frank
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    Speeding up hand sanding

    I'm so pleased to hear that. I'm trying to recover from an illness for many months and have not been able to do any shop work. Frank
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    Contact wheel size.

    I'm now giggling too. Frank
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    My Latest Knife

    This looks like a good one! My advice is to continue with the same attention you have put in this one. Frank
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    Contact wheel size.

    I started out with the 8" and used it for many years in making hunters. I then made a clown of the machine I had and decided to go with a 10". I haven't used the 8" and as matter of fact have loaned it out to a friend. Frank
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Looking good !
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    Speeding up hand sanding

    Wallace, once you start the hand sanding do you find the lines are running the length of the blade or still up and down? Frank
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    Speeding up hand sanding

    Just doesn't give the same results at all, Tracy, though it does eliminate some of the chemicals if you are concerned. Frank
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    Speeding up hand sanding

    Hi again. the truth is I've had several makers tell me the Mobile 1 couldn't be good if another type didn't. So to move on I went out and purchased a can of this stuff because Geoff Flato told me it was great to use with only a drop or two drilling holes in titanium. Yes it sure is !!!! I then...
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    Speeding up hand sanding

    Hi John. I wonder if you and I are the only ones that have been using the Mobile 1 ? Well. I believe I have found another product that works even better. I may not go to the shop to work today since the heat is extreme but I'll get the product name a bit later. I tried the leather on the sanding...
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    Recurve and Saddlehorn Flipper Folders

    Certainly, very nicely done !! Frank
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    Zulu pattern slipjoint

    Yes, VERY nice !!! Frank
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    Practice practice practice

    Not unusual as you have heard before ! Frank
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    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    There is in fact quite a bit of difference between the 1 degree and the flat disc. The one degree allows you to go past center without a "kick out" as well the 1degree disc will not give a true flat surface and isn't recommended for doing bolsters or scales. Frank
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    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    I love to get dirty. Well everyone says I must want to, the way I can get covered when no one else does. I will try the WD-40 BUT the water does do a pretty good job. Frank