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  1. Dennis Morland

    Second slip joint.

    98 to go. Looking better and better.
  2. Dennis Morland

    Past members

    Ed Caffrey
  3. Dennis Morland

    First slip joint

    OPaul - If you are on Facebook there is a group called “Making slip joints and lockbacks”. Join it. Run like KnifeDogs. No BS just a bunch of good people with lots of helpful advise and cool pictures.
  4. Dennis Morland

    First slip joint

    It is a success if it opens and closes. For a first attempt that is dang good. I think you did very well. As always, you learn a bit with each knife you complete. The next one will be better, so on and so on. In fact, I would like to pre-order no. 100….
  5. Dennis Morland

    First slip joint

    I wish you the very best of luck. Hope it all turns out. For whatever reason, building this knife scares the crap out of me. I will attempt one, someday.
  6. Dennis Morland

    Hello All.

    Welcome to KD.
  7. Dennis Morland

    Hello, new and young knife smith.

    Welcome to KD.
  8. Dennis Morland

    New from NC

    Welcome to KD.
  9. Dennis Morland

    Looking for Identification of this wood

    That is a very hard decision. The front looks way different than the back. Maybe koa as you have stated. I was think some sort of dyed maple if it has been stabilized. Very difficult...
  10. Dennis Morland

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Knife Dogs!! Enjoy the season. Be blessed.
  11. Dennis Morland

    Some sheath work

    Those are very nice stitches. Clean as can be…
  12. Dennis Morland

    Thoughts on Gift Giving

    Bob I do the same. Most are gifts or donated to a worthy cause. I have helped dozens make a knife. It’s a social activity for me.
  13. Dennis Morland

    old age

    Getting older is a blessing. Feeling old sucks. Wrenched my back a few weeks ago scooping an inch of snow off my driveway. An inch! Crap. Trip to the ER. All drugged up. I will admit, my body likes morphine. Just found out my L5-S1 disc has around 10 percent of it remaining. I have...
  14. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland Birthday today

    I hope we slide into the 60s in style. And good health.
  15. Dennis Morland

    Trouble Heat Treating Baker Forge Bronze SanMai

    "I have made sure to remove all the scale from the blade and I'm testing a nice clean spot. I've tried to avoid setting the diamond on my Rockwell tester on anything that looks like bronze." Do you have a test piece to check calibration on your rockwell tester?? That is all I got for a suggestion.
  16. Dennis Morland

    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    Nice Scagel!!
  17. Dennis Morland

    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    My day job has me way too busy.
  18. Dennis Morland

    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    OPaul you sure have been cranking out some blades. Retirement looks good on you…
  19. Dennis Morland

    Dennis Morland Birthday today

    Thank you. I do not feel as old as I have become. At least, most days. I appreciate the shout out on my birthday. 59 is going to be a good year. Grind on!!