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  1. Johan Nel

    Past members

    So too John Wilson and John Doyle.
  2. Johan Nel

    Belt progression

    I prefer heat treating my steel first, then grind at 50 grit, refine with 120, then 200, then hand sand from there.
  3. Johan Nel

    three done

    I do like the design. Nicely done!
  4. Johan Nel

    old age

    With age comes bragging rights! The higher the number, the better the rights, or something like that....
  5. Johan Nel

    Dennis Morland Birthday today

    Realising that I am like mustard after the meal because I am late in congratulating you, none the less congratulations on your birthday Dennis. Age wise we are almost twins... Next up is the big 60
  6. Johan Nel

    Trying to get back at it part Duex!

    Ouch! I trust that this too shall pass for you.
  7. Johan Nel

    Hand stitched

    It will work.
  8. Johan Nel

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Nice work Dennis. It's beautiful.
  9. Johan Nel

    Pearl teardrop

    Excellent craftsmanship! Beautifully done.
  10. Johan Nel

    Photo-chemical etching your logo

    I didn't find anything on the USA Knifemakers website. Perhaps you can contact them and enquire it they cannot order for you.
  11. Johan Nel

    Photo-chemical etching your logo

    Try this link.
  12. Johan Nel

    Photo-chemical etching your logo

    Hi Adam, If you can source locally in the USA, it would be best, thereafter from Europe. I see the lacquer that I am using is manufactered by ITW Spraytech in Germany. Unless you have good contacts in South Africa, I'd advise against trying to source from here. Shipping is utterly unreliable...
  13. Johan Nel

    DeMo 2022 Kith

    Looking good!
  14. Johan Nel

    DeMo 2022 Kith

    Nicely done Demo! I do enjoy following your work in progress reports.
  15. Johan Nel

    Heikkila Picture Gallery

    This is quite something. I love the patina on the bronze. Well done!
  16. Johan Nel

    DeMo 2022 Kith

    Nice progress
  17. Johan Nel

    What's going on in your shop?

    I do like the profile of the blade, it appeals to me
  18. Johan Nel

    Damascus & walnut hunter

    Brautiful as always John.
  19. Johan Nel

    W2 & Amboyna burl bowie

    It is beautiful!