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    Introducing my youngest son.

    Hello fellow dogs. It has been awhile for me to post. Family, work, and life has kept me busy. I would like to take this time to introduce my son. Jeremy. He is 11 this year. And every thought has been knife making. He is very excited to get into this. If the rules allow, i will let him post...
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    My entry is done. Sheath and knife are ready. Blade is 52100. Handle is cherry with a copper liner and copper pins and tube.
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Well...Today is the day. I am going to finish up tonight. Working on the sheath right now. Hopefully I can work on stitching it up at work, if not, then it will be a late night. Pics are coming. Just want to thank everyone here. It has been a long time since I have completed a knife. This...
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Liners are glued. Some shaping and drilling then glue up. Getting caught up.
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Cold? In Oregon? Has not been over 32 for three days. 15 degrees at 7 this morning. Not much of a brake for a few days. Or a week.
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Do to bad equipment, bandsaw broke. I now am going thru my small stash of scales. I will get it all glued up tonight.
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    Using forge for heat treating 52100

    Thanks for the help. I used a 2" pipe inside my forge for a deflecter so I had an oven more than a torch. Seamed to work good. I do all of my heat treating at night. Glad it was clear last night.
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Well... Heat treat went well. Temper seamed to work. The blade does have a slight worp or twist, I can only see it on a flat table. Should have it all final ground tomarow. Pics are not working well.
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    Ok. OK. Here is my update. Got rained out last night for my heatteat. I will get pics posted tonight. I have the handle all sorked out, all of my pins are ready, and the leather is good for the sheath. Work is finaly slowed down so I can be a real person when I get home. Weekend is...
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    Using forge for heat treating 52100

    I have a blade out of 52100. It is profiled and ready for grinding. I have not done anything else to it. Looking for advice on heat treating. Do I need to do anything to this blade before I start my grinds? I have a gas forge that I use for all my heating.
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    HUGE slab of maple and what to do with it.

    I would make a leather anvil out of it. A lot of work to get knife handles from it. Take it to a cabinet shop and have them surface sand it on a drum sander or a side belt sander. Cut it into 2 peices for a 8x8" or 3 peices for a 8x12". Will need a stand and lots of oil. But that will last a...
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    Christmas KITH

    This sounds like a great reason to get back to my grinder. I will have one ready.
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    what kind of wood is this ?

    I dont think that I would do anything to it. That wood sould be fine with just a good wood sealler on it. Great color! Might be able to trade?
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 Knife in the Hat (KITH) Thread

    I will force myself to get this one done. I have been away from my knives for too long.
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    False Neo-Tribal vs. True Neo-Tribal

    I can see this getting ulgy real fast. Lets be nice. I do see everyones point on this. My take is that everyone is right. Neo tribal is a way of thinking and doing with what you have. It is not some thing you study for. The modern schools are taking that from our kids. Lets give it back...
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    And my little girl said "That is pretty." I used other words!
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    Holiday Gift Exchange

    I got my secret santa gift yesterday. I was shocked to see the label from Midwest Knifemakers Supply on the box. Thanks. In the box was a 12" x 12" x .65" (just over 5/8" thick) dark brown canvas micarta and brass rod in 3/16 and 5/32" x 12". Thanks to my secret santa. This was fun. I just...
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    Giveaway! Bali Kit -- 2 Balisong Kits giveaway

    I will try this. Not really my type of knife. But I have always wanted one. I would like to see the video come with the kit. That would be very helpful.
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    Holiday Gift Exchange

    I should be getting my package pout together Satuday, and mailed no later than Monday. Sorry for the delay. Family is down with illness this week. No time to get in the shop.
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    Scrap/mystery steel.

    I would like to add some thoughts. Keep in mind why You are making the knives. Not what the knife will be used for but the reason for making the knife. Is it for money, or just your hobby? Working with known steel is a better way to go when selling your knives. Use the unknown for you...