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    What's your production EDC today?

    benchmade 940 most everyday the past 3 years.
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    2 Chef's knives available

    Good to see you are still producing some great chefs knives Stephen. the one I bought from you about 2 years ago is going strong and has become my every day handshake at home and at the kitchen where I fill in 3 days a week.
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    KnifeDogs - Kitchen Passaround

    I currently own one of Stephens knives and can honestly say you folks in the passaround are in for a treat.
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    Who makes Kitchen knives?

    Not big on santoku patterns but that is a really pretty knife. Are those four leaf clovers with H's in them for a particular reason?
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    Basket Weave Damascus in a Canister

    I am completely gobsmacked by this, I really didnt see the pattern coming, I was okay through the basketweave part but wow really didnt expect the pattern at the end. I know this is probably an incredibly naive question but what happens to the little triangles that were cut out. Do they become...
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    Belt Sander sharpening vid I made

    Nice job. I found that very helpful. Thank you for your generosity.
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    So, where do I draw the line??

    Oh come on, put your purse down and MAN UP! put some mango salsa on that bean-corn burger lay it all down on a whole wheat kaiser with some nice frisee and watch some Oprah with the girls. But seriously those things are horrible, just use lots of hot sauce to kill the taste. You can pay back...
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    Flat grinders Bubble Jig with something to grind on. July

    I would like 731 please. Thank you
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    Black Locust

    Back when i was a kid in Pennsylvania they were the choice wood for fence posts and for any use that required a very strong and rot resistant wood such as structural support (columns for basements etc.). They are exceptionally durable and in that part of the country are weeds.
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    What do you do for a living

    I am a clinical neuropsychologist and have only made three knives from scratch but rehandled a bunch. I work a lot with TBI mostly with vets with head injuries. Very little time to indulge my knife fetish these days unfortunately. So I indulge myself by proxy through all the great makers and...
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    ARS OTF Tanto Model

    Very nice, great design and nice pricepoint. If they are as reliable as they are otherwise well thought out, and US made then I expect you will have a big hit on your hands.
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    NH Governor Signs Knife Rights Bill into Law

    As a former resident of NH for 7 years , the NH attitude among many New Hampshire residents is on the License plate. "Live Free or Die" Way to go NH.
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    Another wootz slippie

    Looks great and I too am fascinated by wootz steel. Brill job.
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    Knife Give away

    Thanks for the chance. Great looking knife.
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    Friday night madness Giveaway

    I just removed a tick from my dogs but with a pair of hot dog tongs. My dog was not amused nor was my wife.
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    Bull Dog lanyard giveaway *** Done****

    I'm in. thanks.
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    WARNING Berilium Brass

    It is such a shame beryllium is so toxic it is an amazingly strong amazingly light metal.
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    Blastmasters knife accumulation...

    As a proud small town American I must admit I sometimes forget how many excellent makers there are outside of the U.S. Thanks for reminding me to not be so myopic.
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    What's it?

    Mitzi could not hold her precious pomeranian still when she tried to comb her little darling after its blow dry, thinking quickly she hung him on a tree and hours later she remembered her ADD medication but couldn't recall what ever happened to precious.
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    Long Day

    Prayers for Roman coming up so to speak. I just hope your mouth was closed when the vomit hit you. When my daughter has been sick she always seems to say daddy can I have a hug right before puking right in my face. Has happened 4 times. I have learned to keep my mouth closed.