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  1. Fletch Helical

    Due to a series of unfortunate events

    Hey Ern, I know I haven't been around here that much, I pop in from time to time and lurk but this is unfortunate news. Like others have said there is nothing wrong with having some friends lend a hand. It doesn't have to be "charity" like you're thinking. I'm sure there would be plenty of...
  2. Fletch Helical

    Ernie Now has a Heat treat oven!!!!!!!!!

    Very cool Ern. Knew I'd be kicking myself. Good luck with it.
  3. Fletch Helical

    Help get my HT oven up and running!!!

    Ernie, Try giving the guys over at Auber a call. Explain to them what you have and what you might need and they may be able to help.
  4. Fletch Helical

    Free Burl Every Saturday

    Count me in Mark!
  5. Fletch Helical

    Indian George - A little Help

    Consider it done, best wishes for a speedy recovery IG.
  6. Fletch Helical

    Will not be around

    Good luck on the procedure IG. We'll see ya back here in no time.
  7. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    HOLY SMOKES!!!! I'm number 59 :happy:. I had to check it a few times to believe my eyes!! Gosh I feel like a kid in a candy store... I'd like the one on the right please, the one with the bent handles. Thank you sooooo much again for the GAW. I've been wanting to get a knife vice for months...
  8. Fletch Helical

    Stabilized Box Elder Give-Away !!

    Bill got the wood during the week. It looks great, now I just have to make something that will do the scales some justice. Just want to say thanks again. -Matt
  9. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    Getting in before the 8:00 deadline. I have 2 knives that need handles so timing is perfect.
  10. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    In for 8/28. COME ON LADY LUCK!!! Daddy needs a new knife vice!!!
  11. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    Posting again because I really need one of these.
  12. Fletch Helical

    My 2nd and 3rd attempt an knife making.

    Nice work! I really like the look on the first one, looks like a nice hand rubbed finish. On the second one I'm not sure if it's the pic or not but it looks like you have horizontal sand marks on the ricasso and vertical on the blade. I like the overall shape though.
  13. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    In again for another day
  14. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    In it to win it another day.
  15. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    In for another day
  16. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    You're probably right, but I'm entering for Monday anyway!!
  17. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    Really REALLY need that baby!
  18. Fletch Helical

    Stabilized Box Elder Give-Away !!

    I guess I should've played the lottery this week :). Thanks for the opportunity and for some sweet looking scales Bill.
  19. Fletch Helical

    Got a vise ??????

    Sunday entry.... And trying to sweep the current run of GAW's :)