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  1. Boatbuilder

    Glass Platen Radius Size?

    I radius the sides on my glass platen. keeps plunge nice and smooth with no sharp edges
  2. Boatbuilder

    Wet molding.

    This is what I do but I oil/wax all parts of the blade prior to wrapping in Saran Wrap. I also leave it in for 24+ hours. Jim
  3. Boatbuilder

    An Experiment To Minimize Hand Sanding

    I found once I got used to my disc grinder my hand sanding is very minimal. I will use disc grinder to 800 grit then start hand sanding at 600. saves a lot of hand sanding.
  4. Boatbuilder

    Disc sander

    Ive been using 1/8" rubberized cork for last 20 years. works great
  5. Boatbuilder

    Hand sanding liquid? Windex vs tapping fluid?

    I hate the mess of using any liquid for cutting. I hand sand all dry. I use left over pieces of sandpaper from my disc grinder of all my hand sanding.
  6. Boatbuilder

    Grinding Belt Hoarding

    I'm the same. I hate a half worn out belt. I hate burning wood or heating up steel.
  7. Boatbuilder

    What's going on in your shop?

    Do you have a photo of your ladder dies? Jim
  8. Boatbuilder

    Grinding Belt Hoarding

    I bought a truck load of belts from China 10+ years ago. Still using them and never had one come apart.
  9. Boatbuilder

    1084 heat treat help

    I also have some 1084 from a few years ago from NJSB. I had areas that were hard but also very soft areas. From 40's - 60's Rockwell. I ended up doing the normalization process they recommend on their website and now I get consistent results. Its a PITA doing this extra cycle but necessary
  10. Boatbuilder

    Darker contrast from the 1080 in Damascus

    No I haven’t yet.
  11. Boatbuilder

    Darker contrast from the 1080 in Damascus

    Does anyone have a recipe/procedure for using manganese phosphate for darkening of the 1080 in Damascus? Thanks Kindly Jim
  12. Boatbuilder

    Pivot length.

    Exactly what I do.
  13. Boatbuilder

    Right and Wrong way to "drill out" a full tang

    I want to keep this knife as light as possible because its the knife I use for cleaning fish every day during the summer. I usually spend anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the day and if anyone there to help. The knife gets real heavy after cleaning tuna for 4 hours straight. LOL...
  14. Boatbuilder

    stainless steels

    I also wanted to get away from CPM-154. I got some RWL34 and just in process of using it now. Only a couple folder blades and 1 larger knife started. Grinds and drills real nice. About all I can say for now but from what others tell me its a great steel.
  15. Boatbuilder

    A couple of grinder Mods

    life of a welder/fabricator/knife maker. Shop equipment modifications never end. We are always striving to make things better.
  16. Boatbuilder

    What's going on in your shop?

    So this will be an external pivot screw. Ive only ever done them hidden under the bolster. I do have some real nice titanium screws from Steve that would make great external pivot screws Thanks for the info John.
  17. Boatbuilder

    What's going on in your shop?

    I really like that John. Just curious what the washer is for shown in Picture? What is the washer material? Jim
  18. Boatbuilder

    Looking for a short cut

    I now go from 220 off the 2 x 72 grinder to the disc grinder. I start with 220 paper and go up from there. I find if I run my disc grinder at 20% speed it cuts better and the paper lasts longer. Good sandpaper is a must on the disc grinder. I use either rynowet or black ice. I cut my paper so it...
  19. Boatbuilder

    Knifemaking Hacks...384 Tips

    Great book Jason. You did a great job putting it together. It will be in the knife shop for everyone that comes through to look through it.
  20. Boatbuilder

    New Book: Knifemaking Hacks

    Received my book this week. Thanks kindly for shipping up here to Canada. Look forward to reading it. jim