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  1. Phil Dwyer

    Mini Hammer In 6-25-11

    Hey IG -- I get into NH a couple a day or two before. Please let me know if this is go and I'll see if I can run away from my family already. -- Phil
  2. Phil Dwyer

    Our own Bruce Bump wins again!!

    Great, well done, fantastic, out of this world! Anyone got a link to the thread(s)? I found the threads... BladeForums BEST BOWIE 2010 [finalists and winner] BladeForums BEST BOWIE - 2010 Edition [nominations]...
  3. Phil Dwyer

    Me throwing knifes. Was bored figured I would film it.

    Well you sure have enthusiasm for the sport. Good luck with your forge. Do you forge any of your throwers?
  4. Phil Dwyer

    Cross your Fingers and Toes - What happened, Why we were down..

    You guys are too much for TV! :taz:
  5. Phil Dwyer

    Cross your Fingers and Toes - What happened, Why we were down..

    Thank for the update, errr, I mean report. Have all the players come to an understanding/strategy as to how to do this kind of stuff in the future without repeating the snafu? ...'cause we sure miss our Knife Dogs!!!! :s8936:
  6. Phil Dwyer

    Looky what followed me home

    I want to see that same photo get taken again, in the same chair, in a year or so. Should be a hoot! :s12137:
  7. Phil Dwyer

    Random photos from the Boise Knife Show

    Dang, I'm jealous! Looks like lots of fun indeed. Sorry to hear about your better half. Maybe the downtime was good though? So how did you do with your wood? We are, of course, waiting for those after show blow out specials! :tt2: :paypal::tt2:
  8. Phil Dwyer

    Rope Cutting competition -- what are the rules, best designs, steels, etc?

    From what I've seen, that tip about the ergonomic qualities of the handle is imperative. Fussing for one's grip while wailing and swinging away can't be good, and is more common than you might think. A lot of the challenges are like sprinting. You've got to go full bore until the job is done...
  9. Phil Dwyer

    2 for an elk hunter

    Wow, THANKS Smitty. That was great! Are all the welt layers full all the way down the blade? I pictured one or two were full and the additonal layers would be mostly at the top around the handle and taper out as they went down.
  10. Phil Dwyer

    Are you still changing names for free....

    Hi Guys -- I wonder if it would be possible to change my name to Phil Dwyer? -- Thanks, Phil
  11. Phil Dwyer

    2 for an elk hunter

    Thanks Smitty! That was a good explanation of your process. If understand you right, you.... cut four basic pieces of leather: the front and back of "each" sheath for the two knives (Or was it just three pieces as you might have used the front of the big sheath also for the back of the small...
  12. Phil Dwyer

    2 for an elk hunter

    Looking good! It must have taken a bit of figuring out how to get that double sheath to fit tight enough to hold the knives well, but loose enough to enable them to get in and out well. I'd sure love to hear more about your design and construction process on it if you'd be willing. Thanks, Phil
  13. Phil Dwyer

    Warning, Warning, Warning Explosive mixture

    Need more constructive solution input please... Hi Friends, While I appreciate all the posts on making thermite (and how "cool" it is) I'm more interested in the ones on how NOT too. More posts about shop layout, grinding and cutting procedures, dust filtration and spark arrestor setups...
  14. Phil Dwyer

    Gadzooks! New forum software is installed never know what's going to make a dent in your time next. Maybe this Firefox link re dysfunctional automatic log-ins can help some of you folks, Looks and bells and whistles don't...
  15. Phil Dwyer


    It's true there were many photo ops,, but I don't believe it occurred to a single one of us to snap photos. Sorry. From my perspective the main visuals of note were the many living tattoo billboard walking about the place. There was enough colored ink on flesh to paint the town I believe. Quite...
  16. Phil Dwyer


    Yup, forged a few blades, ate lots of good food, tried to side step as much twisted humor as possible, and visited with some great guys. THANKS George, you're quite the host! Sorry about skipping out on KP. Hey, I did pick up after your pack of dogs several times though...and that ain't no...
  17. Phil Dwyer

    Going to Auburn Maine?

    I've preregistered through the new ABS website store. I've covered about 2500 of the miles so far of the 5000 or so I have to do to get there from Hawaii. Stuffs come up with the fam in NH, but I think I'll be able to make it. That is, if I survive my 3rd annual working visit with Indian George...
  18. Phil Dwyer


    I look forward to seeing you guys. Hey Larry, how about giving me a tutorial or two or on using IG's Lincoln buzz box? My stick welding could sure use some improving!
  19. Phil Dwyer


    Dern it, I was hoping to sneak in under the radar. Geesh, I sure hope I can make it. IG you're a forge partying son-of-a-gun! Thanks for your ongoing hospitality. I should have a new Evenheat oven with me (via Tracy's store sent to my Mom and Pop's in NH.) I'm hoping some of you good folks will...
  20. Phil Dwyer

    Knife pistol design

    Are fingerprint-less rubber gloves standard issue with that contraption? Does it come with one of these too?