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    Loveless copy.

    Here is a Loveless copy made much like the ordinals, has a 4 3/4" 440 C blade with a 400 grit satin finish is 9" overall , is flat ground has a brass guard that is pined and soldered, ordinal green canvas micarta scales, brass pines with nickel silver centers, brass lanyard liner, tapered tang...
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    Something from the past

    Kevin, the knife never had a sheath from day one.
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    Something from the past

    Here is something different from the late 1970 s , the handle is an ivory cane handle, the guard and sleeve are 14 k gold. This was made up by a jeweler in Reno by the name of Tommy Newton, but is not signed.
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    Knife Polish

    I responded to his first offer and he sent me some samples, he is real . Deane
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    What's going on in your shop?

    John, that checkering is as good as it gets, excellent work all around thanks for posting. Deane
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    My brother has his Gravermeister with control peddle and hand piece, ball and sharpener and bits for sale, the ball is home made as is the sharpener, he is an engeneer and a master mechanist so may be better than what you buy. Here is the bad part, he is older than me and cannot ship it, he is...
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    Mammoth Ivory & teeth

    Some of you may know of this sores for mammoth ivory & teeth, if not here it is, https//
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    Dagger time !

    Finish with tool& die maker stones so you don't lose your nice grind lines, I hand finish all my blades with stones. Deane
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    How do you display your knives?

    Chris, I made these stands to display my knives they sit on a battered stand on leather or other soft materials that would not damage the knife, the stands are made from corian, takes some time to make them, I would give them to the buyer of the knife a little added touch. Deane
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    How do I sand this scale flat?

    Go look up steam bending wood on the internet, am sure you can straighten it in that manner, I have used it in the past with success, and you will be able to keep your thickness. Deane
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    Bowie knife handle problem

    Genes fix will work fine, I would suggest you completely finish your blade, finish the guard and fix it to the blade so every thing is locked together before you start drilling holes. If you put some notches in the tang epoxy will hold the handle with no pin, have put dummy pines in that didn't...
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    information on USMC KABAR Fighting Knife, Camillus 12"

    I re-ground them used stone's and sand paper to finish them, made new guards and but caps, the leather is finished with super glue, may not be the best way to finish leather but it looked good. Deane
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    information on USMC KABAR Fighting Knife, Camillus 12"

    I can't tell if your knife is original or not, but I do know if you refinish them you can't the money out of your time, here are two WW2 knives I re did And just did not get that much for them, if you are happy with it I would leave it be. Deane
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    KDs Best of 2020....

    Dennis, I like your knives and leather work,and I think your presentatation box's are a show of a little extra class. Deane
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    Anyone forge welded Nickle Silver

    AK, from what I have learned about putting nickel silver together from making sheaths out of it is to silver solder it. Would you by chance have an old 2"x72" you would part with?
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I can't do that on a grinder, the knife in the picture was done on a tilting magnetic table on a mill with a face mill with round cutters,it is a slow process did several knives this way but gave it up, you still need to grind the tip by hand and hand finish back of the grind as well as the...
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    First Knife

    Paul, I will be 86 Feb. 28 2021 Deane
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    How in the world?

    I think that most every thing moves, maybe not mother of pearl, I have a knife i made for myself 24 or 25 years ago and the micarta has shrunk so you can catch your nail on it, I do live in Nevada and it is dry here, have sent knives to the coast and they swell up, bought a collectors knife in...
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    Lansky GAW

    in, why not,
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    Hope this isn't a dumb question!

    Ken, this is more a case coloring than a case hardening, I doubt that it is .006 thick.