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  1. Mark Behnke

    What's going on in your shop?

    Having a hard time w/ pics and text. This is a Nickel silver sheath for a knife I did a couple years ago. It has a removable throat held on with 2 1-72 screws to service the lambskin (veg. tanned) lining. The clasp is patterned after the Will and Finck type and one Bruce Bump did on a ring hilt...
  2. Mark Behnke

    Woodcraft knife

    What a beautiful knife and sheath, reminds me of the Scagle knives tops on my list,thanks for posting!
  3. Mark Behnke

    Tempering slip-joint springs

    You're right , no temp. given. I've done 2 springs in A2 so my experience is limited to say the least. Looked at my notes: 1080* 2 hrs. = RC 52 1100* 1 hrs. =RC 50-51 2nd spring: 1125* 1 hrs.= RC 47-48 Hope this helps Mark
  4. Mark Behnke

    Tempering slip-joint springs post #27
  5. Mark Behnke

    What do you consider "proprietary"?

    Ed Helping others be the best they can be by sharing your knowledge, if they are better at some aspect of the process then you have the opportunity to learn from them and we all are better people. I am overwhelmed and at a loss for words. By far the best outlook I've ever encountered. Thank you
  6. Mark Behnke

    Merry Christmas to Everyone...... and a chuckle

    This how feel too but would never have been able to articulate it in such an elegant way! Thanks Fred and everyone here, Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  7. Mark Behnke

    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Santa (Scott Livesey) came yesterday with great gifts that I will put to use. A bench vice I installed immediately and Ss pin stock with matching drill sizes. Thanks Scott!!!
  8. Mark Behnke

    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Thanks For the heads up Scott Ill be waiting at the mail box Saturday like a kid on Christmas morning!!!
  9. Mark Behnke

    2016 Knife Dog's Knifemaker's Christmas Exchange!

    Package in the mail. Merry Christmas
  10. Mark Behnke

    Little things that are essential in the shop

    Felt pens magnification and magnets (rare earth) Oh and not a little thing but, LIGHTs everywhere!!!
  11. Mark Behnke

    How to tell if handle material is stabilized

    Thanks Ed and Ken After reading your responce I got the bright idea to go to K & Gs FAQ "will not absorb water". Ill contact the seller. Thanks for your help.
  12. Mark Behnke

    How to tell if handle material is stabilized

    I have 2 sets of handle wood from 2 different suppliers, same type of wood bought as being stabilized from K and G. One is shiny and wet looking the other set is very dry looking. I put a little water on both sets the dry one absorbed the water and wet one did not. So does the wood always come...
  13. Mark Behnke

    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

    Oven went out last night doing multiple pizzas so put the bird on the barbie today, I'm no cook but looks and smells great, we'll know soon. Have a great day all, enjoy your friends and family.
  14. Mark Behnke

    Unloading heavy equipment....the easy way.

    When you were unchain in it I said to myself, now you just need a pallet jack and the next thing I saw... I have an A frame with a Harbor Frieght hoist and pipe rollers and not enough concrete surface.
  15. Mark Behnke

    Early morning rasp hunter

    I like that snake skin side, any plans for a handle or heat treat. I see you like little coffee in your cream, me too! I wonder if cleaning is a form of procrastination ?
  16. Mark Behnke

    4" Hunter template thoughts

    What did you decide on for steel?
  17. Mark Behnke

    4" Hunter template thoughts

    “I've got a good mind to go out and join a club and beat you over the head with it.” Groucho Marx :biggrin:
  18. Mark Behnke

    4" Hunter template thoughts

    Wow,Thanks I feel like such a Neanderthal with my pencil and rule.
  19. Mark Behnke

    4" Hunter template thoughts

    I like the first one best. whats the over all length? Im hung up on the Loveless hunter design but find the handle a little short, plan on doing a little moding but too much to do before T day