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  1. joynihao

    Sports and movie themed scales

    Finding knife scales with movie and sports themes can be a fun project! For sports emblems, you might want to check out online custom knife scale makers or local craft shops that offer customization services.
  2. joynihao

    Steak knife brainstorm questions.

    If you did dive into making those knives, I hope they were a hit with your customer's brother! It's always exciting to take on new challenges, especially when it involves crafting something both practical and stylish like steak knives. Your attention to detail with the Evenheat oven and...
  3. joynihao

    Damascus and High Carbon Steels are not food safe -- aka the Jay Fisher Rabbit Hole

    It's cool to stumble upon this discussion about food safety in relation to knife materials. Jay Fisher certainly raises some valid points to consider. When it comes to kitchen knives, ensuring they are safe for food contact is paramount. One thing to note is that stainless steel is a commonly...
  4. joynihao

    Can sheath leather damage a blade?

    I've dabbled in making sheaths, too, and you're right; it's important to consider blade care. Some types of leather and tanning methods can cause blades' corrosion if they trap moisture. To be safe, you might want to consider adding a moisture-absorbing material or a blade protector inside the...
  5. joynihao

    Crocodile Dundee Knife - Bowie Hunting Knife

    That Crocodile Dundee knife sounds like a pretty sweet piece of gear. I mean, who doesn't want to feel like Mick Dundee himself when they're out in the bush, right? But if you're looking for something a bit more practical for hunting, you might want to check out...