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  1. Oze

    Ironwood linerlock

    Hi I am new into the folder making department. Could I ask what thickness blade and liners you used? Very nice finish and design.
  2. Oze

    Sheathmaking: tips and tricks and getting started

    Hi. I have Hirschkleber glue I was intending to use on the sheaths. The instructions are in German. Any ideas on the process for applying this glue.
  3. Oze

    Micro gunstock folder

    Nice finish on the Oze handles. How did you finish the wood?
  4. Oze

    Glue advice

    thanks all
  5. Oze

    Glue advice

    Hello all. I have a project that must bond metal extremely strongly to carbon fiber/nylon composite and withstand 2000 rpm of spinning stress. I would be grateful of any input from those who know.
  6. Oze

    Pin & Hole Sizing - What method do you use?

    Gudday mate. I am no expert but this is what works for me. I only us 1/4 and 1/8 inch pins. So you only need two size drill bis and remers of same size. Drill your holes and ream. The reamer gives a more precise sized hole. Measure your pins with a digital calipper. Check they are correct size...
  7. Oze

    Cutting G10

    Fantastic information. Just what I needed.
  8. Oze

    Cutting G10

    Thankyou for comments. What happens if you use the metal blade for cutting wood? Is 'bimetal' designed for wood and metal? Why is a custom blade better?
  9. Oze

    Cutting G10

    Hi guys. Wondering if I can buy a bandsaw for cutting metal and wood scales? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Oze

    Double blade trapper

    That is simple and elegant. Sometimes we try to bring too many different elements into the one knife. Very special job. Question: What is the process to put a shield into the handle? Always been reluctant to try.
  11. Oze

    Mammoth tusk stabilization help

    Hi. Here are some of the problem ones. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. Oze

    Mammoth tusk stabilization help

    I was thinking along those lines. Parts are quite good and other could become a bit experimental. If it is in resin it should be ok too. Another skill to learn. Who ever said knife making isn't a challenge. Thankyou again Ed for you input.
  13. Oze

    Mammoth tusk stabilization help

    Hi. Just acquired some small pieces of mammoth. I guess it is really mammoth ivory bark. Some is in poorer condition and looks dry. Any suggestions on stabilization or treatment?
  14. Oze

    A new slip joint

    very nice work.
  15. Oze


    very impressive
  16. Oze

    Hello From Montana

    Gudday from DownUnder in Oze. Good knife making I am sure you will get addicted like all the rest of us.
  17. Oze

    A potential order

    Opaul, your knives are quality and would be worth every cent of that price. The reluctance to accept the price is usually in the head of the seller not the buyer. Ed is on the money with his advice. Work out a price you are happy to make them for and get a signed contract and 50% of the money. I...
  18. Oze

    Slowly Catching Up on Sheaths

    I would like to start making sheaths and wasn't sure where to start with a machine. If I live to be 250 years old, I might get to the bottom of my 'to do' list. Cheers. Scrimshaw!
  19. Oze

    Pivot question

    Thankyou very much. Very helpful. A couple more items for my shopping list. Who would have though you 'needed' so many things just to make a knife! Better do some work that I actually get paid for now. Cheers.