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  1. ArtinNC

    Hey folks, I am trying to identify this knife.

    My Dad had one like it and it was a Western and the guard and pommel was aluminum on it ., That is all I remember .
  2. ArtinNC

    Tony Miller Knives

    Nice combo .
  3. ArtinNC

    THE GORDO! roach bellied skinner

    Cool design .
  4. ArtinNC

    Integral hunter. HHH Knives Predator pattern damascus, with Mammoth tooth

    Like with all your knives another great knife .
  5. ArtinNC

    Jigged bone Hunter

    Nice and clean , like it .
  6. ArtinNC

    A hunter I just finished.

    Very nice .
  7. ArtinNC

    It is now Official

    Thanks for all the comments , and I'll still be checking in a couple times a week .
  8. ArtinNC

    It is now Official

    Thanks for the comments everyone . I'll still be dropping by to make comments on knives every couple days .
  9. ArtinNC

    It is now Official

    Getting to old and lots of other things I want to do and so little time .
  10. ArtinNC

    It is now Official

    It is official I'm now retired from knifemaking as of 7/13/2015 . After 28 years of making .
  11. ArtinNC

    Walrus and Cable

    I like , that is a super knife .
  12. ArtinNC

    Karl Andersen, JS ~ Cowboy Bowie

    I like , a super knife .
  13. ArtinNC

    Damascus and Walrus

    Super .
  14. ArtinNC

    Model#15 and 4/1/15 and not a joke

    Model #15 OAL is 7 1/4" blade 3" and a 600 girt hand sanded blade. Handle a Australian burl of some kind . And a hand tooled sheath . And this is not a Joke 4/1/15 .
  15. ArtinNC

    52100 Chef Knife

    Very nice !!
  16. ArtinNC

    Elk Tine Bowie

    Nice !!
  17. ArtinNC

    Zeb skinner

    Love it !!!
  18. ArtinNC

    Intro to my work (heavy pix)

    All very nice .
  19. ArtinNC

    Haven't been here in a while

    Dave , very nice , you been busy .