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    Cowboy Outlaw.

    Contact Ryan Neel at Neel's Saddlery 330-692-1418, he sells them.
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    Where to get leather and a few other questions

    If there are any saddle makers in your area they are great sources for smaller pieces of leather that would work for most knife sheaths. One by me sell a tote for 20$ and there is more than enough for 6 or 8 medium size knife sheaths.
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    What do you consider "proprietary"?

    I am fortunate to have known two world class knife makers (both deceased). Neither ever hesitated to answer any questions about their craft. Why? Because they didn't feel threatened by a fledgling knife maker, maybe, but I wasn't the only one seeking and receiving their advise. I think it was...
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    NWGS 2X72 to 2X60

    I have decided to build as per plans. I know the benefits of the 2x72 and I don't want to waste time with a trial and error method of doing the modification. So guess I better get some belts on the way. Thank you guys for helping me make the jump:)
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    NWGS 2X72 to 2X60

    My original thought was because the 60" belt is roughly 17% smaller that I could reduce platen size and lower tracking wheel height by that amount. I'm not sure it could be that simple.
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    NWGS 2X72 to 2X60

    I appreciate your input Ed.
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    NWGS 2X72 to 2X60

    Hello folks, I have more than a few 2x60 belts and would like to mod the NWGS 2X72 plans (which I have purchased) to run these belts. Any thoughts? Two grinders are not an option. Thanks