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    Fake Scammer Instagram Sites

    See their friends list. It's the next account they will use. You can block many of their friends too.
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    How does this work?

    Get some kits from
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    Also keep in mind the raffle type of fundrasing is often against rules too. having knives in the business name and on packages just begs for package and courier theft.
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    Paring Knife, need ideas or examples

    Your mother already has one she likes, maybe one she hates. Ask her
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    Tapamatic clone.

    You know you can remove the arbour and change it to one that fits your machine. ?
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    belt speed arithmatic needed

    1400 x (5.5/3.5) x (4x3.14) /12 1400x 1.57 x 12.57 /12 2304 1400 x (5.5/3.5) x (5.5x3.14) /12 (1400x 1.57 x 17.28 ) /12 3165 surface feet per minute Ah Ah Ah ahhhh
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    3 phase motor/VFD question

    If you use a KBAC 27 D You can use a one and a half horsepower motor plugged into 110vac 15 amp breaker Yes it's expensive compared to the cheap vfd's but this one work on 110 and the others use 220 The position of the GFI outlet in the circut is what affects the VFD You can move it, or just...
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    Websites....... YAY or NAY? Opinions!!!!!!!

    If you're trying to sell as a pro, yes. At the least, a little bio, a gallery of photos and your contact info.
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    canadian giant #2 power hammer

    Measure the head and calculate volume in cubic inches, then multiply by 0.3 that should give the weight in pounds, how close is that to twenty five, fifty and so on.
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    photo editing software

    I believe you can get photoshop CS2 free
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    Just a word on Husky files from Home Depot

    They have already done that. They only warranty recent tools. Husky tools before a certain year or model number don't qualify.
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    The spendy part of Knifemaking

    Something to keep in mind, you could put in two smaller cylinders side by side. Maybe even a gang of 4 It wouldn't give you the same capacity, but it would be a stop gap measure to keep under your hat in case you need it.
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    “Bloody Hell” Dueling Pistols by Bruce D. Bump MS

    Can we see how they work ?
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    If you're sick of the pop ups and ads (all over the net) and use Chrome Browser

    Adblock Plus in Firefox for me It's been a long time now, maybe ten years or more
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    New shop helper

    Awesome photo I'd pet the white right offa that dog.
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    Depends on the material you used the tap Was it a spiral point tap made for machine use, or four straight flutes for hand use The torques setting
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    Shipping on the cheap, Thanks

    The USPS supplied tubes are triangular They discourage round tubes because they can roll on conveyors or roll under machines I can't find that link right now though
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    Identification of possible WWI knife/dagger

    Looks like US Military M7 Bayonet
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    Grinder Light
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    Per Good Morning America

    I blame women... :) I have candles, but that's for when the power goes out. When we use them, we're very careful about how we use them. It would never occur to me to light a candle just for fun. fire is a wonderful thing, but you have to control it or it will rule you..