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  1. MoblMec

    Sword Steel ???/

    Thanks for the replies and advice guys. I will go check out the video. MoblMec
  2. MoblMec

    Sword Steel ???/

    Thanks I was thinking 5160 Standard HT ??? with oil quinche ??? What temp HT ? And what temp for temper? Thanks MoblMec
  3. MoblMec

    Sword Steel ???/

    Hi Guys I am thinking about grinding out some swords. Kinda short maybe 30 inches long. Tanto type tip kinda a tactical sword. Now I am a stock removal guy so I want to know what is a good sword steel for grinding. Thanks Moblec
  4. MoblMec

    Wanted Black & RED G-10

    Hi Guys I have an order for a large knife and the customer wants Black & Red G-10 for the handles. The problem is all the suppliers have is Black & Burgandy and they are calling it RED . I know I have seen true Black & RED dose anybody have any to sell me. The minium size I need is 7"x 2 1/2...
  5. MoblMec

    Heat treating s30v

    Hi Guys what do you all think about heat treating s30v the same way you would 440c. I have a friend that heat treats for me and he dose the s30v the same way he dose the 440c Do you think this is a problem? Thanks MoblMec
  6. MoblMec

    question about pricing kitchen knife set???

    Hi Guys I have been making knives for a year now with 44 knives made. Mostley hunters, big choppers and what I call bushcraft knives. I haven't made any kitchen knives yet but I just got an order for 6 steak knives a butcher and a cheff knife so 8 knives total. I have no idea how to price this...
  7. MoblMec

    How to Sculpt Handles

    I have a dremal with a flex shaft and use the sanding drums. I use the larger one on bigger knives and the smaller on small knives it is real messy and you (NEED) to wear a resperator. But it works real well and only takes maybe 10 min on large knives. You can check out My facebook Spry Knives...
  8. MoblMec

    Work in progress

    Thanks Aus That is my take on a bushcraft knife . It has a saw back a wirebreaker notch a flat front clip for betoning and a draw knife with a chisel grind. I figure that a bushcraft knife should be a multi tool. MoblMec
  9. MoblMec

    Work in progress

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys Here are 4 knives that are in progress. I still have some grinding,beadblasting and polishing to go but here they are. What do you think??? MoblMec
  10. MoblMec

    D2 Hunter-Camper

    Ausbrooks My kind of knife LARGE,G-10 and FINGERGROOVES I like very much !!!!!!!!
  11. MoblMec

    Bushcraft knife my twist

    Hi Guys I forgot to mention they are FOR SALE. MoblMec
  12. MoblMec

    New pics. of a few of my knives

    Hi Guys I forgot to mention they are FOR SALE! MoblMec
  13. MoblMec

    Bushcraft knife my twist

    I haven't thought about that. Maybe thats a good idea? MoblMec
  14. MoblMec

    New pics. of a few of my knives

    Hi Guys The wife took a few new pics with the fall leaves. And they look great even if I say so myself. Thanks for looking. MoblMec
  15. MoblMec

    Bushcraft knife my twist

    Hi Guys Heres my twist on a Bushcraft knife. ATS-34 1/4"x2"x13" Green Canvas micarta handles with ss thong tubeing. Saw back, Hammerhead, Drawknife , Hollow grind blade, Flat front clip for batonning. Kydex sheath with para cord and braded tie down. It looks a little odd but the balance...
  16. MoblMec


    Wow I love it. And I thought my Zombie Slayer looked good. My 19" Z Slayer weighs 3lbs whats the weight on this one. Looks heavy duty! MoblMec
  17. MoblMec

    PGK Combat

    Ausbrooks It looks GREAT!!! I love the beadblast finnish. And the finger groves I can't get enough. How do you do the thumb groves and make them so uniform? MoblMec
  18. MoblMec

    ATS 34 oil quench or not??????

    Hi Guys I have made several knives out of ats 34 and my heat treat guy air hardens them between alum. plates just like 440c. Now I am ordering some ats34 from Admiral Steel and read they say to oil quench it. Whats the right way and will it make a diffrence? My guy gets a 60-61 RC with air...
  19. MoblMec

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Heres a few large ones. Gaboon Viper #5 Bushmaster #6 Zombie Slayer #7
  20. MoblMec

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Hi Guys Heres a pic of my first three completed knives.I began this year somtime in feb. and have made 17 so far. I am calling this one the PIGMY RATTLER. It is a neck knife although large at 6 1/2 inches. It is made out of ATS-34 rockwell tested to 61 with OD green and black G-10 handles. It...