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  1. Emsredfox

    Making rapier need help

    Thank you all! And I really appreciate the feedback! Think I’m going to wing it and learn as I go. I’m working on the basket guard now.. and have to quench the blade. Just don’t have anything big enough to Thermo cycle. Just need to sit in in and think
  2. Emsredfox

    Making rapier need help

    Making my first sword and making a raiper out of 5160. Looking for measurements, any help wI’ll be appreciated
  3. Emsredfox

    New in town

    Hello all I’m new to the form, from Troy ny, the home of Uncle Sam. Been forging/knife smithing for a few years now and love it! I work out of a small shop in my basement. Came looking for some advise and see what other people are doing.