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    Making a short sword/wakizashi build along.(Done!)

    Looks great! Done any testing with it? Need to see you chop open some crates or ice blocks, lol.
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    Ideas and suggestions for competition cutters?

    A few months ago, a knife club or guild was started up again here in Arkansas. We're still getting it up to speed and one of the guys has proposed a cutting competition. I've never actually tried it before, but watched a lot of Blade Sports on Youtube. From googling around you can tell the CPM...
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    Tire Hammer

    I've collected all the materials and have the plans. Just need to start. Finding the anvil was the hardest part, there just aren't that many 6 in or larger round bars laying around my area. I finally managed to get a 9" anvil made of 4140, former life was a shaft in a paper mill. There is a...
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    DIY file guide?

    I've made a couple. Best one was from some super tough A6 steel. I left it fully hardened and no temper, files won't hardly touch it. I keep one side "perfect" as a reference, the other is the "working" side. Every few knives, I put the reference side down on the surface grinder and just give it...
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    Who is using a HF Metal cutting bandsaw?

    Here's mine. I converted a HF to be a bench top vertical and I love it. Use it all the time.
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    What is a good all around oil to use on knives?

    Everything I've read says shouldn't be used for food. It is an petroleum based product, so of course their lawyers have to say not for use around food. Personally, when a knife is in use out in the field I don't feel there is enough oil on it to have any effect. Now, I would not take one freshly...
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    Need some help in using dry ice as a Cryo treatment.

    I always use acetone. It's a chemical that I already have on hand and use for other things anyway. Once the dry ice has boiled off, just pour it back in the can. Not sure what kind of super foam Steve is using, I'm on my second foam box due to a little spill. My foam was just building insulation...
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    Glutton for punishment!

    I've had good luck with AD. You'll hear a lot "experts" belly aching about it online, but it's been fine for me.
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    Post pics here for critique - must have thick skin

    Does it have a sharpened clip or is that just a shadow line? It it is a clip, then you need a second source of light to highlight it, like a piece of white poster board to cast a some more light at that angle. I agree with the other guys, the background is a little busy, but I'd also suggest...
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    VFD/Motor Questions

    I think it will be fine within reason. Don't cheap out on wire and get too small or go too far. If you standardize the socket end of the extension cord, you could run the grinder, a kiln, even a big milling machine if they all shared the same style plug. In the long run, make the landlord a...
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    VFD/Motor Questions

    When I bought my first welder many years ago, I lived in an older house that had a jam packed breaker box with no room. The laundry room was right next to the garage, so I went down to Lowes and bought 75 feet of heavy 3 conductor cable and the plugs to make my own extension cord. I plugged it...
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    I checked out your FB page and have a few thoughts. As mentioned above, Instagram might help. I've sold a few on Insta to people that I had never heard of on FB. Problem with FB and Insta is getting more followers, it takes a while. You have to post on there quite often to keep yourself...
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    I'm guessing there's a reason you have overstock. I think you should ask yourself honestly, why isn't anyone snatching these up? Lot's of things could be the cause, priced too high, could even be priced too low, quality not high enough, material selections not popular, pictures aren't great...
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    Problem with Makers mark on AEB-L

    Hey, off the wall question maybe, but by any chance were you marking before you hardened the blade? I noticed AEBL won't really acid etch when annealed, but will after hardening. Just wondering if that could be the issue for etching a mark too?
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    How to obtain this finish?

    In my experience, it's really hard to nail a perfect grind on both sides and not have an errant scratch in the edge of that black finish. You have to be spot on to keep that line crisp. The thinner the stock the harder to do.
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    Tempering equipment question

    I temper small blades in a toaster oven, with knives on the spine, edges up. I also have a big ol chunk of a slate tile in there to improve thermal mass. Temps stay pretty even, works fine.
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    Take down knife question

    I've only done one take down so far, the big dagger I entered in the knife choice awards this year. It was 1075 steel. When I quenched, I only went in a little past the guard shoulders. I also left the portion to be threaded fat and unfinished until after heat treat. Took threads just fine, no...
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    Heat treating AEB L

    I do the 1975 curve, plate quench, and dry ice cryo.
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    Newbie questions.

    My thoughts on a grinder are to start simple and cheap. There are 2 or 3 free plans and blogs online that show guys building 2x72's. It's kind of hard to know what you want until you have one for a while. I built my own and now after a few years of use, I know exactly what I want and what I...
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    Has anyone tried laser cutting

    Yeah, I always add some meat to my cutting edge on drawings. I grind around a 1/16th or so off the edge on all the blanks, but the spine and holes I just let them go through the normal knife making process. I'd love to try waterjet someday, but the last couple years I'm just not making enough...