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  1. John M Cohea

    Big elk stag chopper

    Thanks guys!
  2. John M Cohea

    Big elk stag chopper

    Here is a big camp knife I recently finished and had on the table at Blade.The re-curved blade is 9" of forged 1095 with forge texture and an antique finish,The Handle is a nice piece of elk stag that has a free form copper nugget and a forged curl finial with a deerskin dangler and antler...
  3. John M Cohea

    Latest Pile of Stuff

    Some nice work there Mike!!
  4. John M Cohea

    Mammoth bone and 1095 hunter,Scott Roush photo plus an added bonus pic!

    Here is a small clip point hunter I had Scott shoot for me.Forged 1095 blade and mammoth rib bone,4" blade and 8 1/2"OAL.The heavily decorated sheath also features a foldformed copper concho, Speaking of foldforming,here are two of my fordformed copper cuff bracelets that I had him shoot...
  5. John M Cohea

    Something different from me

    Thanks guys!This one was a lot of fun to do and there will be more like it to come.
  6. John M Cohea

    Something different from me

    Thanks guys.
  7. John M Cohea

    Something different from me

    A couple of years ago I discovered a metalworking technique called foldforming and have been captivated by it ever since.For the longest I have wanted to make a knife handled in foldformed copper sheet and here is my first attempt at that,The copper scales are made using a technique called...
  8. John M Cohea

    Damascus and crackle ivory neck knife

    Thanks guys.I do age a good many of my pieces but not every one needs or deserves the aging process and this was one such piece,After all, the ivory is well aged anyway,lol!
  9. John M Cohea

    Damascus and crackle ivory neck knife

    Thanks guys,I appreciate it!I have held onto these scales for several years trying to decide the perfect project and this is the result of the wait!
  10. John M Cohea

    Damascus and crackle ivory neck knife

    Haven't posted here in a while so I thought I would share this one just in from Chuck Ward.Ladder pattern damascus and crackle mammoth ivory,7"OAL including blacksmith's curl.Other features are mammoth ivory dangler bead, patterned copper band and mild steel handle frame with filework.Sheath is...
  11. John M Cohea

    Mini neck carry pipe hawk

    Thanks guys!
  12. John M Cohea

    Mini neck carry pipe hawk

    This is an idea I have had for the longest,and Larry at Blade Art in Miami encouraged me to follow through,and here are the results.Head is 3" long and was forged from 5/8" round bar 5160,haft is 6" of curly maple with a walrus ivory mouth piece and a mammoth ivory clean out plug.The sheath is...
  13. John M Cohea

    first bowie of the year,and it's a monster!!

    Recently completed this one for a fellow artist in Montana.The blade is 11 1/2 inches of random damascus with heavy forge texture,OALof 17 1/2",scales are mammoth ivory,and the shell guard and fileworked handle frame are heat colored wrought iron form an old train car.The sheath has something...
  14. John M Cohea

    2013 March of Dimes Fundraising project.The Mastersmith's Project!!!

    Hello All! This time of year has finally arrived, and we believe it is worth the wait! I now present to you the 6th and final March of Dimes Benefit Collaboration: The Mastersmiths Project. For those who have followed us since 2007, this will be the last of these projects...
  15. John M Cohea

    Dave Lisch amber stag feather fighter

    Usually when I post it is as a maker.This time however,I am proud and excited to be posting as a collector:D! To mark my turning 50 this past June,I decided my gift to myself would be a knife I had long lusted after,one of Dave's feather damascus bowies with amber stag,penny guard,and of course...
  16. John M Cohea

    "Nugget Bowie" (photo heavy)

    This one is mine!As J pointed out,I provided the fossil walrus artifact that I got from Mark Knapp.J and I pondered the idea of a damascus plug for the firestarter hole,since we knew the tang would come through the hole.As luck would have it,I got my hands on a stash of copper ore nuggets,so I...
  17. John M Cohea

    A new pipe hawk

    Been a while since I made one,so I decided to put this one together. Okay,now that we've seen my crappy shot,we'll let Chuck Ward put it in perspective for us. That's right, it's a mini! The head is 4 inches long and forged from 1/2" 5160 round bar.The haft is curly maple,and is 8"...
  18. John M Cohea

    Damascus art hammer by Mike Draper

    A good many of us knifemakers,myself included,make other things besides knives,just for the fun of it and to mix things up a bit. ABS JS Mike Draper and his wife ABS MS Audra Draper are known for their damascus jewelry as well as their knives. Here is a small 3 oz.damacus ball peen hammer with...
  19. John M Cohea

    Walrus ivory belt knife with scrim and display

    I'm not Wade,but thank you!