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    Heat Treat Oven

    Thanks Ken, I'm just outside of Austin, TX. I used my CNC to cut the groove and it's a little oversized so I will put in a few pins to hold. I haven't stretched the element yet but have it ready to go. We have propane but he really wanted to go old school with the coal. Although I think...
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    Heat Treat Oven

    I built a forge for my son last year out of an old water heater (picture attached). I was looking for a used kiln but couldn't find one at a reasonable price so I decided to build one. One question I have is, how frequent do the element pins need to be? Do I need one every 1" or 5"? Is there...
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    Greetings from Texas

    I was a tool and die maker and custom furniture maker in a past life. My teenage son got interested in blacksmithing and knife making. Ergo, I am now also interested in knife making. We built a coal forge last year and am now working on the plans to build a kiln. While I was doing research I...
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    Heat treat oven: How to design and calculate the heating elements

    Rolynd, Great post! I was a tool and die maker in a past life. My son has gotten into knife making and we built him a coal forge last year and I just started planning to build a kiln for heat treating. As I was going through your post, I realized there are a lot of moving parts and a need to...