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    Making spring for lockback folder.

    LINERLOCKS (sorry twice, my goodness)
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    Making spring for lockback folder.

    Thank you for the information on heat treating lock back SPRINGS, most people i deal with like interlocks or frame locks so I haven't made a back lock in a good while. I can always count on you guys from Knife Dogs for the best information.
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    Making spring for lockback folder.

    I lost my instructions on heat treating the spring for a lock back folder, using 440C material and a Paragon oven. I realise that this is elemental but as I age my memory, I forgot what I was gonna say.
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    Two tone holster...

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    DeMo Knife Thread

    Nice progress in short time. Sheaths are remarkable. You should try tapering the tang on your full tanged models.
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    question about resale knife blanks

    A question that also comes up from time to time, is the knife handmade or machine made? What constitutes hand made: the use of only hand tools, ie. files, sandpaper, hand saws ect. or can machines like surface grinders, complex power grinders, power hammers, even CNC machines be used and still...
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    Something to think about.

    Not intending to create any waves, but i would like to know where the Scriptures are in error. And, pantheism has nothing to do with the Holy Trinity.
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    History Channel....Forged in Fire

    Very well said!
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    History Channel....Forged in Fire

    Back in the early to mid 80's, Georgia PBS had a series called "How to make a Knife". It was aired on Saturdays for about six weeks. It consisted of a very famous knife maker named Jim Small instructing the host on how to make a full tanged hunting knife by the stock removal method. This...
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    A new definition of "flat"

    I do a considerable amount of finish grinding the flats on knives with micron belts. I use a hand held magnet to hold the blade, as i'm sure many of you do. The problem is that the magnetic force transfers thru the blade and belt to the steel platen and causes all kind of control...
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    Hello from West Central Georgia

    My user name is cdunn. I have been making knives for 29 years partime; straight hunters and folders. I also like tractors having been raised on a farm, expecially crawler tractors, I have 7 at present. I also have 2 grandchildren also keep me busy. I just discovered this site and am amazed...