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    Tongs for holding a ball peen to make a Tomahawk

    Bolt tongs sized to hold the ball.
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    My Hydraulic Forging Press

    It does, exactly what I need it for, it earns its keep doing that and only that in my shop. But I would like to try forging under it also.
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    My Hydraulic Forging Press

    Here's a cruddy picture of the end Bruce, it shows how the frame was built. Capped with 5x5x3/8" i beams on both ends.
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    My Hydraulic Forging Press

    TJ, 5horse motor 4x8 cylinder. Timy, why? my hands are in no danger.
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    My Hydraulic Forging Press
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    Slit and Drift Bolster

    Yup, works great. Takes more time to make up a punch to match the size of the tang fairly close then it does to make the hole.
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    My Hydraulic Forging Press

    Wanted to start punching my hammers in house, not that I dont enjoy visiting my friends with presses :D. So My buddy JJ gave me his old hydraulic press, good guts but the frame was a nightmare, well made but not built by someone who knew how to build a press. So I took the guts and thought about...
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    Tiger's Coffin Bowie

    And Voila, The Tiger's Coffin is done.
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    Bell style Dirk

    Saw some photos from a Jim Batson dirk class Alan Longmire had posted over on bladesmith's forum, and had to try one. Being lazy I turned the bolster on the lathe first, and turned in the transition to the tang to forge later. Started with 1/2" round.
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    24" wheel grinder......well maybe

    Bruce, what durometer would you say the wheel is?
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    Stop flat bar cupping?

    Not a problem, just need to work it more evenly, on edge on flat, gradually forming your tip/taper or whatever you are forging in. I dont find it a problem until 3/32" really.
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    Axe Makers from Maine
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    Tong Styles - What does or Could work best for forging knives?

    Z tongs or S tongs like those made by myself and GS tongs are invaluable.
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    My first pipe Hawk

    Thanks fellas! Haha Peter! thanks :D Craft, yeah turned it. I will next time for sure.
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    My first pipe Hawk

    Mace pointed out the difference in finish of bowl and head, I will fire scale the bowl a little better before fitting too.
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    My first pipe Hawk

    Waiting some extra hours for steel delivery, i tried my hand at a wrap and weld pipe hawk. Hawk body is mild steel with a rr track moustache clip insert, the bowl is mild steel. Bowl is press fit for now, will silver solder it before fitting the handle. Gonna pick up a predrilled curly maple. A...
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    It's getting hot out there

    It's that season again, when it's so hot you have to be careful or you can get sick. I hate the heat, and easily get raging headaches from working in it. I got one of these fans from a friend, they come up real often in the scrap bin at any plumbing heating place mostly only needing a new motor...
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    New Integral Tactical Hawk

    Was down in Atlanta for the Bladeshow, and got this fellow done to take with me for fun. Forged all from one piece, no weld, no cuts, not cut out from plate. Forged from one piece of flat bar. pictured with the now well worn original, and some in process shots.
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    new cross peen

    it's OK Rex, no worries, not the first time it has happened:12: thanks Vaughn!
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    new cross peen thanks. Thanks, i will take that one though.