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    What to do with my 84 layer billet?

    That sounds like a good plan! I will probably go that route and I should have enough steel for one raindrop billet, & one ladder billet. Then maybe I'll try the W's on the next one. When I am ready to pattern the billets about how thick should I leave them before patterning?
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    What to do with my 84 layer billet?

    Hey y'all, I just forged a billet starting with 21 layers of 1095 & 15n20. I forged that out then cut into 4 pieces, restacked, and forge welded. It is currently about 8"long, 2"wide, and close to a 1/2" thick. I was thinking about squaring it and trying to do some W's but I'm not sure if I...
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    Questions on making Stainless San Mai

    Thank you Ed and Chris! These answers help a ton. Much appreciated. You post in the link Ed is a great learning tool!
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    Questions on making Stainless San Mai

    Hello, I am wanting to try a piece of san mai with a carbon steel core and stainless jacket. I have seen others make the stack then weld all the way around the outside to keep the stainless from decarbing on the inside. What type of welder is used to weld the stainless to the high carbon steel...
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    Ceramic Belt Question

    I have been using the 50grit VSM ceramic belts from Tru Grit. They are cheaper than most ceramic belts, but still more than AO belts. I use them for both steel and handle materials. I try to consolidate so i didn't have so many different belts. Not sure if they are the BEST ceramic belts but i...
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    Where To Get New Logo And Stencils

    Happy New Year Everyone! Hey I am looking for some to possibly help me design a new logo for my makers mark. I know it has been a few years ago but it seems like there was a guy here who could help with that and also make digital logos. Also wondering which you all use to have your stencils...
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    The Blue Fire Bowie

    Hey Bruce, It has been a long time buddy! That bowie is flawless as usual! Keep up the Awesome work!
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    Titanium standoffs

    If you could go up to 3/16" stand offs you can buy some sweet stand offs from Montana Knifes supply. Steve Kelly makes some sweet titanium hardware.
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    Daggers of the North

    Very well done!
  10. S want a BIG flipper? :)

    Way super cool, nice folder bud! Outstanding ano/texture job!
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    Latest Fixed Blade

    Here is a fixed blade I just finished up for a cool guy in Hawaii. This one has Chad Nichols Stainless Damascus in a ladder pattern, Woolly Mammoth tusk bolsters, Woolly Mammoth tooth handle, Koa wood spacer, and brass liners. This one also has my rising sun file work and mosaic pins. I also...
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    Utah Knife Show - Vernal Utah

    Come on over fellors we would love to have ya!!
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    Utah Knife Show - Vernal Utah

    Hello everyone. Last year we put together a knife show in Vernal Utah just to see how it would go. Well it turned out very good!! It was a nice little show with a lot of traffic and I think just about all the maker sold knives. So this year we are doing it again & hope to expand. The show is...
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    Damascus & Mammoth Tooth Folder W/ Shark Skin Pouch

    Thanks y'all for the awesome comments. I really appreciate it!!
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    Damascus & Mammoth Tooth Folder W/ Shark Skin Pouch

    Here is a folder and folder pouch I just finished for a custom order. This one has a Chad Nichols stainless Whiplash Damascus blade, Rob Thomas basket weave bolsters & clip, woolly mammoth tooth handles, and an awesome shark skin pouch that is lined and laced with kangaroo. Hope ya dig it!
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    Red Mammoth Tooth

    Any one have a nice set of red mammoth tooth scales they want to part with?? Need to be at least 1 1/8" wide about 3" long and about 5/32" thick or more. It might be better if you email me at Thanks, Shane
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    New Linerlock and a few Questions for the Pro's.

    Nice lookin folder! I really like the design. About your question, I don't recall ever hearing that the detent should be higher than your washer. I use .015 bronze washers on most all my folders. I leave the detent sticking out about .016 to about .018, then I sand the point of the detent off...
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    Knives On My Table At G-4 Pic Heavy

    Thanks Everyone! Mark buddy, how do ya like the wood? The redwood burl and that crazy sycamore both came from you & was awesome to work with. If anyone needs some great stabilized wood Mark is the man!
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    Knives On My Table At G-4 Pic Heavy

    Hey everyone, another Awesome show was here and gone! G-4 Rocked!! I was so busy before the show I didn't have time to get any pics posted. So here are some pics of the goods I had there Large Rhino liner lock folder with Nichols Raindrop Stainless Damascus Blade & Nichols Stainless Whiplash...
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    Have You Ever Seen A "Flippen Rhino"!

    Pretty sure this is a species all it's own. Thanks for all the great comments everyone!