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    Samurai Handle Wrap

    I am trying to locate handle wrap material for katanas. Awhile ago I emailed Kirby Lambert and he told me and another place. I have lost the email and cannot remember the other place. I have tried contacting him but have yet to receive a reply. I believe the place was located in...
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    File Recommendations

    I would like some recommendations on what files I should have to start out with knife making. I am a Nicholson fan. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
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    ITC 100 or Similar

    I am thinking of buying some ITC 100 or something similar. I have never used it so I am not sure how it works. I have read it helps conserve propane. Do I paint it on the inside of the forge then lay my ceramic fiber insulation over it. If I can save money if fuel cost I am going to do so...
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    Kaowool Question

    I would like to know if I need to adhere the kaowool to the inside of the forge. I am in the process of making a gas forge out of a new propane tank. I do have some furnace cement that is rated for 3000 degrees. If I do have to adhere it what options do I have besides the furnace cement...
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    Forge Paint

    I am building my gas forge out of a new propane tank. I would like advice the type of paint to use for the outside of the tank. It would be for cosmetic purposes. I currently have "high heat" engine paint but it is only rated for 2000 degrees. I am not able to find anything that will withstand...
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    Tong Sizing

    I am new to knife making and am working on collecting supplies to begin. I am interested in buying the combo blade tongs from Blacksmith Depot but I am confused on the sizes and what I need etc. Example, the 3/4" combo tongs, does this mean the width of the blade,. If so, it would handle 3/4"...