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    Help a Hero Raffle

    Dear All: I tend to win raffles a disproportionate amount. To pay back a little I purchased a nice little knife from our neighbors in Alabama, Bear & Sons. The knife is one of the new Bear Ops knives, the Rancor, that they recently started to make. It's a handful of knife that would find...
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    Thanksgiving Wish To All

    I would like to wish all a good and comfortable Thanksgiving. May your turkey not explode when put into the fryer, May your weather be mild, May all your sports teams win, May you have gathered about you your dear friends and relatives, May you not want, May you be of good cheer & health, and...
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    Anyone know about Cross Forge Knives?

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a knife at a North Florida auction. The blade and guard are damascus. It appears to have a buffalo horn spacer and a handle of what seems to be fossil ivory. I was told it was walrus. The end cap is nickel silver and it has a well made leather sheath. The blade...
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    Hey, Ya'll

    Hello to all. I'm a lifelong knife collector. My father started me off and supported my addiction from as long ago as I can remember. I remember when I was young I would go to the gun shops with him and if I found a knife that I really liked, and it wasn't too expensive, I would get to take...