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    What Is This Called?

    medical term is: Whippydip
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    Hello All!

    welcome, come on in.
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    Finished recent projects:

    Thank you sir
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    Finished recent projects:

    Thank you Mr Hauser, the 2nd knife is ram / sheep horn, exhibition grade, sanded flat from the bottom only, to preserve the contour. Pins have been peened down to match the contour (nick wheeler demonstrates this method) and smoothed with cratex. The horn can be a mess to work with and...
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    Biggest carcass splitter so far

    nice job
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    Finished recent projects:

    Finally finished, was lots of fun. I had really nice handle material to work with for these projects.
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    hobby knife / tool maker

    hobby knife / tool maker
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    Liner Lock with LSCF

    very nice
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    Fun Halloween Project

    great job! Enjoyed the vid
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    My First Fillet Knife!

    Really nice, well done.
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    Inlaid sheath.

    very nice work.
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    1x72 scalloped j flex belts

    great tip ed, thanks
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    Hammer-In 2016 - Photos & Videos

    Looks like a great time was had by all, will try to make it up there next time.
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    Deep etching copper

    great vid!
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    Greetings from South Africa

    welcome, very nice thought out build there. Grats! Check out Bertie Reitveld down your way. Great guy.
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    Clorox Bleach and Bluing Etch

    nail polish is what I use. Women at the office give it to me by the bag fulls.
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    Jesse Osufsen Drop Point Hunter

    nice work, I like your scales.
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    Anvil...age old questions.

    How bout used fork lift tine/fork. Can also use the tapered distal end to make a butcher block (with a lil grinding).
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    Inspiration of the Fogg kind {Yakuza Bowie style} WIP

    Very nice work, thanks for sharing.
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    Inspiration of the Fogg kind {Yakuza Bowie style} WIP

    Hey Darrin! I can get that texture with a little time and heavy duty steel wire wheel on bench grinder or foredom, wear a mask and mech gloves. There are a few tricks to get pitting deeper too.