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  1. mike miller

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Prayers continue.
  2. mike miller

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    You both are still in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. mike miller

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Hopefully it wil smooth out for her now. Prayers to continue to heal.
  4. mike miller

    Surface grinder questions

    What I have been told by a mold maker friend is that dress your wheel and do not shut it off until you are completely finished. He said that every time you stop and start the wheel will move a little bit. In their shop they turned it on dressed the wheel and left it running all the shift
  5. mike miller

    Work in batches

    Depends depends on belts and Grinder. I ground 16 blades then used same belt to finish grinding heat treated. Still were good to Me!
  6. mike miller

    Work in batches

    Finished with cryo now tempering
  7. mike miller

    Work in batches

    Yes and 2 damascus earlier. The batch of 14 are in the liquid nitrogen right now. I keep several of a pattern on hand heat treated then can finish as needed. Those 7 D2 blades cut out of a 6 inch wide piece of D2 fits nicely.
  8. mike miller

    Work in batches

    I try to work in batches to keep from changing belts. I have 7 d2 cowboys knives I just ground. Next are three light hunters to be ground and then 4 drop point hunters. I grind same style to get repeatability then go to next one.
  9. mike miller

    Moms new AEB-L skinner

    Somehow looks familiar!
  10. mike miller

    Ok,,,,,, What's up with this?

    It may be nothing more than an oil or grease mark on steel that did not get cleaned off properly. I would sand it clean again and reetch to see if they disappear.
  11. mike miller

    I forgot which steel I used.

    I have been using 1870 for 30 minutes on both. I cryo then double temper at 400.
  12. mike miller

    So Close with Pics

    It looks good but if mine I wuld drill a series of holes in the handle to lighten it up. My preference is not to have a handle heavy build.
  13. mike miller

    What's going on in your shop?

    My fun day yesterday was changing out BOTH elements on my heat-treat oven. First time both had went out at same time. Getting old and some things are very tedious now so had at it. Loaded 6 knives in packets and went to town.I have 15 more blades ready for bevel grinding on my cart so that is...
  14. mike miller

    Kerosene as flux for hand welds

    I went back and watched Kyle Roysters youtube and he was wetting the billet down with kerosene and then coated it with borax.
  15. mike miller

    English Oak heart handle wood

    Stack them with slats in between them to keep good air flow and leave in nice dark area. for grins you might coat a couple of pieces with yogurt to promote spalting and see how it turns out.
  16. mike miller

    Kerosene as flux for hand welds

    Kerosene use on YOutube check out Caleb Royer big brother . He shows using it on some of his video.
  17. mike miller

    Kerosene as flux for hand welds

    I would say to get the scale knocked out of the billet and not allowing it to be hammered into the billet. You see a scale coming out. If you like Shurap look up Frerk Meringa on Utube. I believe that is his name.
  18. mike miller

    Thick spacers?

    Check Alpha Knife Supply They have g-10 and various micarta in different thicknesses. I picked up some 1/8 brown canvas micarta material the other day that was nice.
  19. mike miller

    Putting the “POP” back in liners?

    Or if finished hit with a little thin super glue. It will brighten it and also seal the fiber from absorbing anything.