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  1. CMS3900

    A new guys year of knifemaking

    Hey Knife Dogs, I thought I should post up some of my years worth of work and get some feedback. Warning- I am not a photographer. To give some background, in the fall of 2014 I started working full time in my family’s machine shop and decided to expand it into making some products. We...
  2. CMS3900

    How is your shop set up?

    Hey Knife Dogs, I purchased some power hammers a while back and took the last few weeks while work was slow to re-arrange the shop and do a ton of cleaning. Now I am trying to re-setup everything, taking the time to change some of the ways I had things setup before and find room for my new...
  3. CMS3900

    Hello from Delaware

    Hello Knifedogs! I have been reading on this forum for a few months now, and am currently in the middle of what I consider my first "real" knife build. This has given me reason to sign up, hoping to get some answers to the things that have me beating my head against the wall, and possibly help...