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  1. Sean Jones


    I would agree with this fully. My grinder is the no weld grinder that Boss Dog has plans and parts for. My original setup was with the 3 pulley system. That would work OK, except changing the belt on the pulleys to change speeds really sucks. So much so that I used mine at the same speed for...
  2. Sean Jones

    Justin W’s KITH Bowie

    Looks nice!
  3. Sean Jones

    Anvil price

    There are two Peter Wrights for sale in the Salt Lake area. One is 156 lbs, the other is 240 lbs. Probably over-priced, but aren't they all? If anyone's interested I'll PM the links
  4. Sean Jones

    Anvil price

    I like that Anvil. If I had the money (and the room) there'd be one in my shop.
  5. Sean Jones

    Random thought on rust prevention.

    Same here...or just clean motor oil
  6. Sean Jones

    Hello from aiken south carolina

    That looks similar to mine. I'm in half a two car garage as well. However we only have one car so I get the full 1/2 of the garage year around. My truck doesn't fit very well anyways, so it stays outdoors even in the winter
  7. Sean Jones

    Anvil price

    Fifteen or so years ago when I was first getting curious about knife making, I bought a 5" diameter round of 52100. It weighs about 40 pounds and so far has worked well for my small anvil needs. I think I paid $20.00 for it. The thing that makes me moan was the guy I bought that 52100 round...
  8. Sean Jones

    1084 Hunting Knife

    Very nice opaul!
  9. Sean Jones

    Anvil price

    Is the round piece on top of the anvil attached? I don't think I've seen that on an anvil before. I also find it slightly odd that an anvil that has England on one side would list its weight in kilos on the other. To the best of my knowledge England has never used the metric system?
  10. Sean Jones

    A few thoughts on filework

    I agree. Putting the whole package together is still something I haven't fully got. It's not only skill, but the patience to execute. And my lack of patience gets me in trouble every time. Acquiring more patience is certainly part of the skill set. I'm a long way from adding file work to my...
  11. Sean Jones

    A few thoughts on filework

    This is an interesting thread, so tagged for any further comments.
  12. Sean Jones

    Dirk Two

    Very nice opaul! A great looking knife
  13. Sean Jones

    Various knives

    Very nice! And I'll second that on the wood.
  14. Sean Jones

    A couple from the shop.

    very nice work!
  15. Sean Jones

    Congratulations smallshop!

    Nice and clean Ted! I like it. It would appear the problem with your SSL cert has been resolved. It came up fine as https
  16. Sean Jones

    This is getting old

    Hang in there Ed...prayers sent.
  17. Sean Jones

    WIP Presentation box set

    Very nice work! Love the look
  18. Sean Jones

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Very nice Dennis!
  19. Sean Jones

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Cliff, I've been out of town and missed your update. Prayers continue for your wife and you.
  20. Sean Jones

    Chris’ KITH Bowie WIP

    That's looking really good!