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  1. Junglas

    Benchmade Bugout 535

    Hey everybody, I made a quick and concise video on the specs on the Benchmade Bugout. Before I bought the knife, I watched 20 plus videos and they were all really long and I thought maybe some people would be interested in "just the facts" If anybody wants to check it out, here it is:
  2. Junglas

    TRC Knives Splinter 120 in Bohler m390, my first knife in this steel

    Hey guys, Just wanted to drop a quick review of my TRC Knives Splinter 120 in Bohler m390. I've used 3v and N690 in the past and I'm really impressed with the edge retention on m390. My knife had a full flat grind and I've batoned with it and it's held up really well. Sharpening it can be a...
  3. Junglas

    Interesting story on the origin of the Becker BK14 EsKabar

    Hey guys, my favorite neck knife is the Becker BK14 aka the EsKabar. What's not to like? 1095 HC, it's affordable good balance to edge retention and easy t sharpen back up. Nice sized blade for a neck knife. The handle is comfortable and heavily skeletonized to save weight. For me, it's a great...
  4. Junglas

    Optimus Terra HE Cook Set and cooking Salisbury steak!

    I used hamburger meat to make it easy and I thought it came out pretty well! Sometime next week, I'll be cooking a dutch oven chicken! I've transitioned from being a knife fanatic to a cooking fanatic lol. Going to sell some knives and buy more cooking gear
  5. Junglas

    2 Arrow Knives California Bowie in 80CRV2 steel

    I purchased the 2 Arrow Knives California California Bowie on a forum a few weeks ago and I love this thing. It's stout yet very capable of doing bushcraft tasks. Just the right size for me needs. If you want to see more of his work, check out his IG:
  6. Junglas

    I won a Kizer Begleiter folding knife in V10 from Instagram

    I was lucky enough to win a Kizer Begleiter folding knife in VG10 steel. I made a quick video about here, in case anyone wanted to know more about this model. Real slim and low profile, really good fit and finish.
  7. Junglas

    Comparing water filters: Katadyn BeFree vs Sawyer Mini

    He guys, I bought the Sawyer Squeeze water filter 5 years ago and then I bought the Sawyer Mini a couple of years ago and most recently got the Katadyn BeFree with my REI dividend. Believe it or not, they're all really different. Similarities: 1) both lightweight 2) both are simple to use 3)...
  8. Junglas

    Silky Big Boy 2000 XL Review

    Hi John, Bahco's are great. They get the job done for sure. It's pretty fun using the Silky, just easier and faster. When you come across fat wood, sawing the the silky gives you a really smooth clean cut. Makes the fatwood look even more beautiful!
  9. Junglas

    Silky Big Boy 2000 XL Review

    Hi guys, I made a video review of the Silky Big Boy 2000 XL that I'd like to share with you guys and get your thoughts on. I personally feel in love with it. I've used several others: Bahco, Fiskars, and some other brands you can get at home improvement stores. Man this thing cuts through...
  10. Junglas

    Esee Izula 2 vs Becker BK14: Neck Knife Comparison

    Hi guys I made a quick video comparing these 2 neckers for anyone who's thinking about getting either one of these knives. Just some quick thoughts.
  11. Junglas

    My first backpacking tent! Vargo Stove, Fatwood, and Brass Zippo action!

    You should check out Instagram, just to look at the pictures. Some really beautiful photos on there and I've found lots of new campsite on there. I haven't done much camping in the desert yet, but I really need to. There's Joshua Tree national park not too far away, I hear spring time when...
  12. Junglas

    My first backpacking tent! Vargo Stove, Fatwood, and Brass Zippo action!

    lol, you had cracking up! I have some family living in Florida and he told me last year he found an alligator in his backyard! The water filter tip is a really good one! I've been doing that on my last few hikes. But wouldn't you believe it, on my last trip I forget my water filter by the...
  13. Junglas

    My first backpacking tent! Vargo Stove, Fatwood, and Brass Zippo action!

    You're not crazy brother, I just suck at hiking! lol I'm really bad, women pass me up on the trail. I'll have to try hammock camping, my little brother does it and he says its the way to go. Yeah I'm with you when it comes to those "ultralight tarp" shelters, I don't know how those guys do it.
  14. Junglas

    My first backpacking tent! Vargo Stove, Fatwood, and Brass Zippo action!

    I usually car camp and bring really heavy gear with me, but this summer I decided to venture deeper into the woods and try to see what lies beyond the road. At 5 lbs this tent isn't considered "ultra light" by any means. Next time I'm going to leave the tent pegs and tent footprint at home to...
  15. Junglas

    Fenix FD20 Focus Flashlight

    Disclaimer: I purchased this flashlight and the following video is not monetized. I was talking to a friend who was going to Africa for volunteer work. He's not into flashlights and didn't want to take a charger with him, because didn't know if he would have access to electricity. That made...
  16. Junglas

    ESEE announced 2 new knives! PR4 (Kephart Style) and a Baby Junglas

    ESEE's kephart has a sabre grind vs the full flat grind of the original kephart. IF anyone's going to blade show, they'll have a prototype there.
  17. Junglas

    Started my first knife.

    Nice job brother! I really want to get started making my own too one day
  18. Junglas

    Recommend any good YouTube channels?

    Some great recommendations thanks for the info. I'm working on an Old Hickory knife right now. Turning it into a kephart
  19. Junglas

    Hello fellas! I'm Dave

    Hi guys I'm Dave from California and I'm into bushcraft, survival, hiking, and the outdoors. I love this forum and the online community, I've learned soooooo much. Pretty much everything I know about this stuff is from the online community. I take what I learn and then go practice as much as I...